‘Only Russia Stood With India Before, Now China Stands Alone With Pak’: PM Modi on Diplomatic Succes

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    Dec 21, 2016
    ‘Only Russia Stood With India Before, Now China Stands Alone With Pak’: PM Modi on Diplomatic Success
    The Prime Minister said while both China and India accept that differences exist between the national interest of both countries, the objective must remain to not let these differences turn into disputes.

    New Delhi: Claiming success in globally isolating Pakistan in the aftermath of Pulwama terror attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said only China backs Pakistan, while the rest of the world stands with India.

    This, Modi said, was a drastic reversal from India’s strategic relations in the past when Russia was the only country that took India’s side on international issues.

    “There was a time when India had only Russia’s support on the international stage and the rest of the world was with Pakistan. Today the entire situation has changed,” Modi said, adding that only China stood with Pakistan now.

    In the exclusive interview with News18 Network’s Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi, Modi said people must acknowledge India’s upper hand at the global stage, hinting that better strategic ties with other countries had been forged under the current government. “We must understand this change. This is proof of our success,” he said.

    Speaking on ties with China, PM Modi said India remained committed to engaging on a bilateral level, despite differences on international issues.

    “On one hand, we have a bilateral relations with China. We have investments there and they have investments in India. Amid all this, there are unresolved border disputes. India has one perspective on the matter, and China has another. Both sides have accepted that we have differences, but our objective is that these differences don’t turn into disputes,” Modi said.

    The PM was speaking on China’s move at the United Nations to block Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar’s listing as a global terrorist in the aftermath of Pulwama terror attack that killed at least 40 soldiers. JeM had claimed responsibility of the attack.

    All permanent members of the UN Security Council (United States, United Kingdom, France and Russia), barring China, had supported India’s bid to list Azhar as a global terrorist. This was the fourth time China moved to block India’s request at the UN.

    PM Modi, refraining from taking a hard stance on China’s move, said that each country, including India, took decisions in their own manner in international matters. “In some matters, we take Palestine’s side, in others we take Israel’s. Sometimes we back Iran, and sometimes we support Arabic nations. All countries have their own strategies in their national interest,” Modi said.

    He also said India and China continue to hold high-level talks and matters of dispute were discussed in all meetings. “This issue (of Azhar’s listing as a global terrorist) has been discussed. It had come up earlier as well,” Modi said.


  2. Del

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    Dec 21, 2016
    So he already forgot humiliation dished out to India at OIC, India was called a terrorist country in presence of 50 countries.
  3. Disco Lemonade

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    Dec 17, 2009
    To be honest they would have done themselves a great favor had they resolved the kashmir issue. they have great PR but kashmir comes back to haunt them every few years and they have no answers to the questions asked. then they have to do this cover up of blaming Pakistan which works given pakistan have the track record of supporting extremism. But their recent isolate Pakistan movement have made them look extremely desperate. In the age of social media they foolishly tried to muscle which fall flat and even their most biased media couldnt hide the embarrassment. Not to mention the roaring extremist views of their backed political leader and modi's own track record of supporting it will haunt the 'democratic india' outlook they had projected in the last 15-20 years.

    Modi may financially take india to a better position, since he is creating a cult and can take braver decisions. That i say with a 'may', But, in the process he will definitely damage the image previous indian governments had created of a country where religions co-exist.

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