40th anniversary of Imran Khan scoring his 1st test century-His best ever knock?

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Was Imran Khan's 123 at Lahore v West Indies in 1980 his best innings ever ?

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  1. Harsh Thakor

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    May 5, 2011
    Today on November 24th we commemorate a historic day when Imran Khan scored his 1st test century ever ,at Lahore.Above all it was against the West Indies,arguably the best test team ever.Pakistan were tottering in the grave at 95-5,before Imran Khan ressurected them with a fighting 123,to enable Pakistan to reach a respectable score of 369.

    No knock defined Imran's batting prowess as this one,considering he was up against the great Calypso pacmen like Sylvester Clarke.It must have been a sight to behold Imran nurturing his team with the patience or skill of gardener or surgeon and the discipline and courage of a military commander rallying his troops.Rarely has an allrounder done a repair job so meticulously.Was it the best ever knock by any all-rounder versus the top West Indies pace attack?

    I rank it as Imran's best ever batting performance.Ian Botham never scored a century against West Indies.Kapil Dev and Richard Hadlee scored hundreds but not with their team's back to the wall.I rate it ahead of his 136 in Adelaide in 1989-90 ,his 135 at Madras in 1987 ,75 not out at Leeds in 1987 or his 64 at Bangalore in 1987.

    Ironic it was performed when Imran was nether at his peak as a bowler or batsman.Without doubt one of the finest innings ever executed by an all-rounder.Hard to envisage even a Botham or Kapil,playing such calculating innings.It was also scored on a challenging wicket.

    Arguably in building an innings like an architect Imran was the best batsman amongst allrounders of his time,even if not as flamboyant as Botham or Kapil.At his best Imran could be as handy as a very good batsman in a crisis.

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