Breaking News: Investigation committee handsover report to PCB chairman

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by zeenix, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
    Well finally the recommendation comes along. According to Geo, it recommends banning Shoaib Malik and Rana Naveed ul Hassan. It recommends fine on Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal for not cooperating with the tour management and Shahid Afridi for ball tampering
  2. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
  3. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Cricistan's Pehlwan

    Feb 17, 2010
    Akmal senior should be given a prolonged rest.

    Akmal Junior should be fined and banned for a few games just to get the message across. At 19 years old he can't be let off for holding the team to ransom.

    Malik should be thrown out of the test team. He's way out of his depth there anyway.
  4. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009
    Whats the reason to ban malik and rana?
  5. Wasim

    Wasim Smooth Operator

    Jan 20, 2010
    Malik has caused more disunity in the team than anyone else.

    But why Rana?
  6. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009
    Ban over causing disunity? WTH? Just drop him for good but ban??
  7. Feather

    Feather Head Surfer

    Dec 19, 2009
    Until the report is released or further comes information comes out it is safe to assume this report is going to be failure just like the tour it was meant to probe.

    I don't see Malik going anywhere and I don't even understand where Rana came into this.
  8. Inswinger

    Inswinger Tracer Bullet

    Mar 6, 2010
  9. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009
    Something is not right here...
  10. ghulam35

    ghulam35 Emerging Player

    Feb 17, 2010
    Pakistan's inquiry committee report
    Top Pak players face fines, bans

    Osman Samiuddin

    March 8, 2010
    The inquiry committee looking into Pakistan's disastrous tour to Australia has recommended a string of harsh punishments against a number of Pakistan's senior-most players, ranging from heavy fines to bans.

    The recommendations have still to be approved by the board chairman - and they could yet be turned down - but Cricinfo has learnt that the committee has called for the Akmal brothers and Shahid Afridi to be fined for various misdemeanours and for Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan to be banned for up to a year from international cricket.

    If implemented the measures are likely to represent some of the harshest punishments taken against Pakistan players and will further throw the composition of Pakistan's squad for the World Twenty20 into considerable disarray. None of the players, it is believed, are certain to make the 15-man squad for the tournament at this moment.

    The six-man committee completed its report last week and sent it to Ijaz Butt. The chairman held a meeting with the selection committee on Monday in which he debriefed them on the contents of the inquiry committee's report. He warned the selectors - now headed by Mohsin Khan - that he had "shocking news" for them and proceeded to inform them of the details of the report.

    Pakistan's winless tour to Australia began promisingly, but swiftly deteriorated after the second Test in Sydney, where the tourists suffered a shocking defeat. Thereafter the touring squad unraveled; first the Akmal brothers seemed to openly challenge the touring management, Kamran insisting he would play in the final Test at Hobart despite the board having released a statement saying he would be dropped.

    Younger brother Umar was at the centre of a brief storm, in which it was alleged that he had feigned an injury and refused to play in Hobart if his brother was dropped.
    The report recommends fining the brothers between Rs 2-3 million and that they be put on a probationary period for their behaviour after the Sydney Test.

    The tour ended with Afridi being banned by the ICC for two games after he was caught biting the ball in a bid to tamper it in the last ODI in Perth. The report calls for a similar fine and that he also be put on a probationary period during which he not be considered for the captaincy. Afridi was Pakistan's Twenty20 captain but that status now is in doubt.

    The situation for Rana and Malik is altogether more serious; both have been accused of significant breaches of discipline. Though the specifics are unclear, it is thought that the pair had problems with Mohammad Yousuf, who was captain for the Tests and ODIs. Yousuf and Malik have long been at odds with each other and the pair engaged in another slanging match soon after returning to Pakistan. Malik has consistently been at the centre of accusations of intrigue and factionalism within the team since he was removed as leader last year.

    Sources told Cricinfo that Butt is incensed with the players and is willing to go through with all the recommendations. At the meeting with the selectors he told them to prepare a squad for the World Twenty20 but to keep question marks over this group of players and to keep their options open. The squad was due to be announced on Monday but will be delayed, at the very least, to next week; the selection committee has filtered down the probables to 21 for now.

    Butt has urged the selectors to look for fresher faces, telling them that he intends "to give a lesson to these players and convey to them the message that nobody is indispensable."

    The trickiest decision may well be over the captain of the squad. Malik and Afridi seem to be out of the picture now; Younis Khan and Yousuf do not play the format and are not in the probables.
    Amazingly that could leave Misbah-ul-Haq, should he be picked, as a candidate and though some TV reports said his name had been put forward by the selectors, attendees at the meeting said no names had yet been discussed.

    Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo
    RSS Feeds: Osman Samiuddin
  11. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    If we lose Afridi, the Akmals, Rana and Malik for the T20 World Cup then we'll be dead in the water.

    Part of me wants to see the whole first team dropped and a B team sent to defend the T20 title just to teach these prima donnas a lesson but having watched the RBS T20 it's clear these guys are the best we've got.

    Just when you think Pak cricket cant hit a new low, it goes and surprises us again
  12. Wasim

    Wasim Smooth Operator

    Jan 20, 2010
    Rana: I dont know what he did!

    Afridi: Bit the ball. Big deal. Fine him, sure. He has a lot of money. But ridiculous to suggest he should be dropped from the world cup. Infact, still make him the captain. Wasim, Atherton, Smith, Dravid didn't lose their job over it, did they?

    Akmal: There's NO replacement for him in the world cup. Should be fined for now, and maybe dropped for a few months AFTER the world cup for his antics.

    Akmal 2.0: Should be fined. Who the hell does he think he is playing for? Akmal family reunion XI?

    Malik: Good riddance. If there's one man who should be taught a lesson, its him. Selfishly making teammates fight each other...rightly called 'Maasi Museebti' by some. Plus he wont be missed. He's VERY replaceable. Fawad Alam is no less than him. Plus Fawad keeps his mouth shut.

    Misbah could get another life here, who couldn't find a spot in the team, and now could end up being the captain.
  13. ghulam35

    ghulam35 Emerging Player

    Feb 17, 2010
    I disagree Pakistan has alot of talent in 20/20 Cricket, I think they can easily pick a squad from this 31 man provisional squad consiting mostly of debutants. Not only pick a very good squad but also defend the T20 Cup successfully!!!

    Asif Hussain
    Naved Malik

    Top Order:
    Naved Yasin
    Umar Amin
    Tahir Mughal
    Shahid Yousaf
    Shehayar Ghani

    Mohammed Salman
    Humayan Farhat
    Asad Ali

    All Rounders:
    Hammad Azam
    Rizwan Haider
    Yasir Shah
    Mansoor Amjad
    Zulfiqar Babar

    Mohammed Irfan
    Hasan Raza
    Ajeez Cheema
    Sohail Khan
    Ali Asad
    Anwar Ali
    Junaid Khan
    Sohail Ahmed
    Safraz Ahmed

    We look abit weak on the openers but theres a few players that haven't played for Pakistan for a while that can fill in

    Mohammed Hafeez
    Shahzeb Hasan
    Khalid Latif
    Khurram Manzoor
    Nasir Jamshed
    Raza Hasan
    Zulqarnain Haider
    Shahid Nazir
  14. ghulam35

    ghulam35 Emerging Player

    Feb 17, 2010
    I think I might have mixed Hasan Raza and Raza Hasan up and may Asad Ali and Ali Asad up in the above but I'm sure you guys will know what I mean.
  15. Wasim

    Wasim Smooth Operator

    Jan 20, 2010
    Again! :))

    I also like the fact that Shahid Nazir is now being considered as an opener. I always thought he had the potential.

    I'm surprised at these desperate suggestions though:

    middle order
    Shehryar Ghani (4 off 20 balls in the final. Enough said)

    Mohammal Salman (poor keeping and batting)
    Humayun Farhat (poor keeping and batting)

    all rounders
    Mansoor Amjad (all rounder = cant bat and cant bowl?)
  16. MShah

    MShah Youngsta Beauty

    Jan 21, 2010
    This is a great news in recent few months as far as PCB managerial decisions is concerned. Finally, some thing on the cards what the whole nation is direly expecting to punish those whol are playing with their passions and craze.... Shoaib Malik as far as different news and our observations at ground level is concerned he seems to be one of the major force behind the disunity and failure of Pak team, so he should be given due punishment, if proved guilty, despite of the fact that he is a good utility allrounder.... About Rana I am not sure of the allegations, but I can see he is hard working guy stretching himself to win for the country..... About Kamran Akmal what I hate is his decision of snik behind which he didnt reffer to the third empire in the second test at Hobart; which would have saved him and ultimately the match for Pakistan... What we saw was a thunder light gap b/w the bat and the ball..... I think that was rediculous gesture and unbelievable as no one want to be out but he preferred dressing room rather than the pitch...His series of drop catches could be pardoned but this is a disgrace to our cricket and nation...He must be given treated harsh for this and should be asked that no one is indespensible.... About Umar Akmal he is trying his best to destroy his talent and I could nt understand what the hell he was thinking of the brother hood at this level... I mean he must realize they are not playing in the streets of lahore... punishement suggested and recommended... About flame boy of cricket I think his biting incident has brought much disgrace to our cricket rather than the series of lossess...

    I think we are used to the losing on every soil at the moment, so all these players including any other involve in such must be given punishment; no matter we lose the upcoming 20 twenty World cup..... At the same moment I am sure still we have guns to burst if provided with capable leadership.....
  17. pacman

    pacman Youngsta Beauty

    Jan 27, 2010
    PCB are digging a deep hole here. If Butt will impose the ban on the players, then the concrete proof should be made public for us to decide. Why does Ijaz Butt not want to make the report public???? WTH.

    I see some legal challenges coming up. Malik did not play in majority of the matches, and Rana only joined the team after the test series was over. Did they cause so much unrest that despite not being in the playing 11, the playing team was not able to perform. Ridicilous. Have they taken testimonies of all players, or just the captain and the team management. A management that has been replaced by a new one mind you. A captain that has a personal grudge against Malik.

    Look, ban or no ban. If you want to punish someone with such a harsh punishment, then make sure that no stone has been turned over. Punish them because they have 100% concrete evidence without any reason of doubt. If that is the case, punish them, and make the report public. Otherwise there will be huge uproar from Malik and Rana supporters, and rightly so. If, as Butt is saying that he will take action on the players, and NOT making the report public, then I am afraid he is shooting himself in the foot.
  18. AZK

    AZK Emerging Player

    Mar 3, 2010
    kuch nahi hoga, at most they will all get reprimands and 50 crore rupay fines that they will never pay.
  19. Rizzy

    Rizzy Talented

    Mar 1, 2010
    i think if the PCB wants to go ahead with the recommendations they should replace the team with the players that played for the lahore badshas (yes including inzi ;) ) or the sialkot team at least they had no disunity and played admirably.

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