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Catching up with Nadeem Iqbal

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

Catching up with Nadeem Iqbal

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

by Abdul Habib
Jan 18, 2010 at 4:07 PM
  1. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009


    I recently spoke to Nadeem Iqbal about whether Aaqib had called him yet and why Mohammad Irshad was under performing. The short interview is below.

    Abdul Habib: So have you spoken to Aaqib about your 7'2 giant Mohammad Irfan yet?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Yes I have and I'm very grateful to you for telling Aaqib about Mohammad Irfan.

    Abdul Habib: Did you also mention your left arm fast bowler Tariq Mahmood?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Yes and Aaqib said to send them both. This is their chance to get noticed, if they have something worth persisting with then now is the time for them to show it.

    Abdul Habib: So when will Aaqib be seeing them?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    He said to send them as soon as possible but Irfan is a bit unfit at the moment. I'm going to send them by the end of next week at the latest.

    Abdul Habib: Did you tell Aaqib that Irfan is unfit?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Yes I told Aaqib that Irfan has been unfit for the last two months but Aaqib said I should send him anyway. Aaqib said they would treat Irfan at the NCA and help him regain full fitness.

    Abdul Habib: Well let's hope they both show their talent.

    Nadeem Iqbal:

    Abdul Habib: How is your job as assistant coach for the Multan region coming along and what's the talent in your region like?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    If we're talking about potential to play
    for Pakistan then out u16 age group is brimming with talent, there's a lot of raw potential there.

    Abdul Habib: What about your u19s?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    There are a few who have performed at that level and could go really far if they apply themselves.

    Abdul Habib: Any names in the batting department?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    In 3 day games we have Junaid Iqbal who came in the top 3 the u19 age group, he's an aggressive and attacking right handed batsman and likes to play fast. In limited overs games we have Waleed Iqbal who's a determined and steady left handed batsman, he also came in the top 3 of the u19 age group.

    Abdul Habib: What about bowlers?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    We have a player called Aamir Yameen and I'd say that as long as works hard he could be the next Razzaq. He's a right handed fast bowler, a good batsman and a great fielder too. He's a real all-round talent.

    Abdul Habib: How fast is he?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    We clocked him When he first arrived and he got as high as 131k but that was when he was very raw, He's gotten visibly faster since then and I'd say he's comfortably in the 134-136k range but that hasn't been confirmed by a speed gun yet. Plus he's still young so there's potential for him to get quicker.

    Abdul Habib: What about the Multan senior team?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Well we have Abdur Rauf who already plays for Pakistan...

    Abdul Habib: ...I just remembered doesnt Mohammad Irshad play for Multan? What's the story with him?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Yes he's with us and I've been working with him. These days he's struggling with an ankle injury, I believe he twisted it and it's not settling back properly.

    Abdul Habib: Has he still got his speed and why doesn't he take wickets?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    His speed isn't bad but he bowls very
    straight, he doesnt get movement or swing and without that how do you take wickets?

    Abdul Habib: Are his family problems still ongoing?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Yes, unfortunately.

    Abdul Habib: At one point he was very close to national selection but what do you think his chances are now?

    Nadeem Iqbal:
    Well you can never write anyone off, as long as someone is still playing then they still have a chance to make it. Look at Rauf and Misbah. My own opinion about Irshad is that it will be very difficult for him, he's getting older and if he's going to catch the eye of the selectors again then he needs to learn to do more with the ball.
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Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

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