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Cricistan Member Interview: chandtara

Discussion in 'The Pavilion' started by Passionate Pakistani, Mar 15, 2015.

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  1. Passionate Pakistani

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    Jun 10, 2011
    Cricistan.com present you the fifth interview of Cricistan Members Interview Series. And the Candidate this time is our very own, the lone warrior and Father of Cricistan, chandtara. On behalf of CS, i would like to thank chandtara bhai for taking out time from his busy schedule and answering all question. I hope you guys will enjoy the interview.

    Cricistan.com: Describe yourself and your attitude/personality offline/outside of CS.

    chandtara: Believe it or not yes I do have a life outside of CS! I like to think of myself as an easy going guy and I like to make time for everybody. My family is my priority and everything revolves around my daughter.

    Cricistan.com: Describe an average day in the life of Chandtara.

    chandtara: Wake up, Log in to CS, Pray, Check CS, Breakfast, Check CS, Go to work, Check CS, Lunch, Check CS, Finish work, Check CS, Reach home, Check CS, Go bed, Check CS. Something along them lines!

    Cricistan.com: What is your profession and how hard was it to be successful in it? Can you pass down any tips?

    chandtara: My advice to anyone is never give up on your goals no matter how far they may seem. You will face many challenges in life, in different forms. Remain positive and count your blessings.

    Cricistan.com: From where do you belong in Pakistan?

    chandtara: I come from Azad Kashmir. Around half an hour away from Mirpur city.

    Cricistan.com: What is the story behind your username Chandtara ?

    chandtara: Chandtara has been my username ever since I started on forums. I wanted something different at the time and wanted it to relate to Pakistan. I used to have a Pakistan flag in my room, I think that helped me make my decision in the end.

    Cricistan.com: Who gave you the title of Mr. Cricistan (your tag line) and what can aspiring young models do to take the title from you?

    chandtara: Mr Cricistan was something I chose myself. The admins over at PCZ used to call me Mr PCZ. Thought it was pretty cool. Made Merc sign on the dotted line before accepting being a mod that he would give me that tag. Think when I retire, the tag will retire with me.

    Cricistan.com: What's your first cricketing memory?

    chandtara: 1992 World Cup Semi Final against New Zealand. A day I will never forget. My dad’s eldest brother was the first one in the family to get Sky TV installed and all the brothers used to go watch the game over there. Think it must have been a weekend but I begged my old man to let me come with him that night. Was also Ramadhan at the time. Somehow managed to convince him. Didn’t really understand the game at the time but just remember everyone jumping for joy when we won. The following series against England was my first memory of bunking off school to watch the test match. Beautiful memories.

    Cricistan.com: What are your fondest memories of Cricket and general life?

    chandtara: Growing up watching the two W's terrorising batsmen the world over, Afridi destroying India, the elegance of Anwar, Akhtar steaming in, so many memories the list would go on and on. The birth of my daughter is the standout memory in life for me. Nothing comes close.

    Cricistan.com: Do you have a favourite spell or delivery ? And if you do describe the delivery or the spell and why you liked it.

    chandtara: One spell that stands out for me is a young Razzaq's spell at Sharjah turning the game on its head. I've watched some special spells but that one just stands out more than any other. It’s the type of fight I had got so used to from a Pakistani side. Fighting till the death.
    Any toe crushing Yorker is my favourite delivery. Don’t see enough of them nowadays. Waqar Younis special any day.

    Cricistan.com: Stumps shattering or a cracking shot with the bat?

    chandtara: Has to be stumps shattering. Nothing beats it. The sound of ball on timber at 90mph, such a shame it’s become a batting dominated game now.

    Cricistan.com: Favourite Pakistani and non-Pakistani players ?

    chandtara: Hard to choose between Wasim and Waqar from Pakistan. Maybe Akram edges it slightly due to him being the first quick bowler I really saw. Out of the current crop it has to be Ajmal.
    Non Pakistanis I enjoyed watching play - Lara, Tendulkar, Warne. 3 legends of cricket. Currently the likes of Gayle and Steyn get me glued to the screen

    Cricistan.com: Who is your favourite Pakistani all-rounder apart from Imran Khan ?

    chandtara: I'd say Afridi, the only player who could bring the country to a standstill. Love him or hate him he has the x factor.

    Cricistan.com: Wasim or Waqar and why?

    chandtara: I answered this earlier but it’s hard for me to choose between the two. Akram was unplayable at his peak but at the same time Waqar running in at full pelt was a sight to behold

    Cricistan.com: What's the best match you have attended?

    chandtara: World Cup 1999 Group game v Australia (the one we won) Everything was going right for us in that competition until that final. The buzz here in the UK was amazing. Everyone was talking about cricket. I remember at least 20 of us going to that game. The atmosphere was amazing
    Have to include my trip to Gadaffi stadium back in 2006 watching us play India. We may have lost but that experience was unique.

    Cricistan.com: Cricket stats - how important they are in analysing the teams and players?

    chandtara: Important yes but I think these days they are overused. I guess in this day and age they are a must.

    Cricistan.com: How do you see this current Pakistani team in comparison to say - the one in the 90s?

    chandtara: I had the honour of following some greats of Pakistan cricket, standards seem to have dropped massively. Not enough fighters in the team. The current crop are miles apart from the 90's squads

    Cricistan.com: I believe you have been following cricket since 90s and have seen some great Pakistani teams over the years. How do you keep yourself motivated by following this gutless team so passionately ?

    chandtara: I live in hope that we will rise again! I have always been an optimist, never say die attitude. This maybe one of the worst sides put together but no matter who is picked they will always have my support. If you can’t support them when they are down then don’t bother supporting them when they are winning is my motto.

    Cricistan.com: Where do you see our ODI team post Misbah/Afridi? List 5 changes (any changes - including captaincy) that you will make to the ODI team for our first ODI series after the WC?

    chandtara: We have been through transition but the last few years have been hopeless. The preparations for the WC have been horrendous. I think we need to start the post Afridi/Misbah era by breeding a new young captain. Doesn’t have to be one of the old guard every time. I’d bring in the likes of Fawad Alam, Babar Azam, Sami Aslam, Gohar. There is plenty of talent in Pakistan being neglected unfortunately

    Cricistan.com: Will Mohammed Aamir get back into the team and perform marvels? Does he deserve a second chance?

    chandtara: Of course, he done the crime and done the time. If he can still perform then I would love to see him come and make amends. Such a sad event, 5 years wasted. The kid had the whole of Pakistan excited.

    Cricistan.com: Are you of the belief there isn't much cricketing talent in Pakistan?

    chandtara: No. I think we are blessed with talent and every now and again we will produce a special cricketer. I don't think enough is being done to go out and search for that talent.

    Cricistan.com: How do you think Pakistani cricket can improve overall? - Where do you see it heading in say, 5 years’ time?

    chandtara: Surely it can’t get any worse than the last few years can it? A massive overhaul is required and that starts from the top. I have confidence that some of the youngsters will up their game over the next couple of years. The likes of Maqsood/Sohail have shown promise. yes they need to work on weaknesses but I think they will get there.

    Cricistan.com: If you were the all-powerful Chairman of PCB right now, how would you tackle the problems Pakistan Cricket face today?

    chandtara: Where to start?! Way too backwards for me. Need to move with the times if we want to compete with the best. From training regimes/dieting, the basics really need to be worked on. Gone are the days you could have a parantha and take the field! I’d get rid of the not what you know but who you know culture, players need to be picked on performances at the end of the day.

    Cricistan.com: How should a chairman of PCB start his new job if he is given the office today? What immediate plans he should give priority to?

    chandtara: Kicking out all the guys who sit on their backsides doing nothing all day. They are a disease which is hurting Pakistan cricket! Also Promote the game more all over the country. Places like where I come from in AK are neglected I feel.

    Cricistan.com: Which other sport do you follow ?

    chandtara: I am a massive football fan. I follow Manchester United just as passionately as Pakistan cricket.

    Cricistan.com: Are you a WWE fan or ever were a fan, then what was your favourite match ?

    chandtara: I used to love watching Wrestling. From the early WCW days on ITV to the WWF attitude era. Too much of a soap opera nowadays. Just can’t get in to it no more.

    Cricistan.com: Where exactly did Pakistan start to go wrong that we as a country have been brought to such a weak condition now?

    chandtara: Corruption at the top. Politicians have damaged our beautiful country. The people have been neglected.

    Cricistan.com: What is your favourite moment of time spent in Pakistan and what would you say to those who might have a negative image of Pakistan?

    chandtara: I am a country boy myself, prefer the hills to the city life. Have travelled to some beautiful places in Azad Kashmir in my time. Seeing is believing, hidden beauty of Pakistan. Despite what you see/hear in the media I would definitely advise people to go.

    Cricistan.com: Do you think the first generation Asians- Pakistani and Indians living in UK- are thankful that their parents have chosen to leave their homes and permanently settle down in the UK?

    chandtara: I guess so, some of the opportunities that we have been given would never have been possible if our parents chose to remain in their countries of birth. Majority of those that I have come across seem to appreciate what our parents/grandparents sacrificed for us.

    Cricistan.com: What has been your experience with Indians in general in UK?

    chandtara: I have grown up in a mixed community and from a very young age have had Indian friends. We get along just fine apart from match days. They work just as hard as us Pakistanis!

    Cricistan.com: Do you genuinely believe both India and Pakistan can achieve the development standards of first world countries- like let’s say UK where you live- in our lifetime?

    chandtara: Some parts of India are getting their but I think major changes at the top are the only way we can see both countries developing. Too much corruption at higher levels, not until we can get a grip of these greedy politicians things will always remain the way they are. Need to get rid of this upper/lower class BS!

    Cricistan.com: Do you have a mancunian accent? And do you use words like gaggin? (I'm gaggin for a drink) or daft?

    chandtara: Haha, I have a very heavy northern accent. Some people have mistaken it for Geordie and even Scottish which is scary lol! Gaggin was used a lot when I was younger, but hardly use it anymore. Daft is still a common word. It’s crazy how different northern/southern accents are Even when in Birmingham you see a massive difference.

    Cricistan.com: If you could move out of Greater Manchester (assuming that you still live here) what city/country would you like to move to?

    chandtara: I'd love to go somewhere warm and it would have to be a Islamic country. Wouldn't mind going to live in Saudi. I also probably could set up in Pakistan but I guess the perks of living in sunny Manchester would be hard to let go of.

    Cricistan.com: What's the one thing you miss the most about your childhood?

    chandtara: Everything! Why did we ever have to grow up? Waking up without a concern in the world, no work, no bills…it was an a easy life!

    Cricistan.com: You are a very calm character - have you ever been tempted to let loose and unleash a torrent of abuse on certain members? I recall once you mentioned about wanting to batter someone....

    chandtara: I've had my run ins back in the day but as I have got older with experience you learn to bite your tongue. I've had some horrible things said to me online but I always remember how easy it is for someone to type up a load of abuse sat behind a computer. It’s a different ball game when its face to face. You are going to get your characters online, I just treat it with a pinch of salt. Alhamdulillah CS has been free from them type of characters.

    Cricistan.com: You are actively involved in charity for Syrian refugees, what is the inspiration behind that?

    chandtara: It’s not just Syria but anywhere in the world really. I count my blessings every day. I look at what the Almighty has provided me, food on the table, clean clothes. It hurts to see people living in different parts of the world being neglected and having to live rough. Can’t even get a clean drink of water. Islam teaches you to give generously, this is enough motivation for me.

    Cricistan.com: You rarely, if ever comment on religious topics despite being a religious minded man, how do you manage to keep those opinions to yourself?

    chandtara: I guess it’s just the way I am. I am aware people have different beliefs and come from different school of thoughts. I've learnt to respect that. We are all going to our own graves and will have to answer for ourselves. If I can give anyone advice then I won’t shy away from it but majority of the debates online tend to go in the direction that this is right or that is wrong. I try not to build any religious knowledge from online debates, I’d rather approach a scholar to have things verified.

    Cricistan.com: What are your political views? Which political party do you support?

    chandtara: I hate politics! The cause of the majority of the world’s problems I believe are caused by these greedy, bloodsucking people. I don’t have any alliances with any particular party.

    Cricistan.com: Imran or Nawaz?

    chandtara: Imran all the way. The man talks sense. Nawaz has had his time…time for change

    Cricistan.com: What's your favourite cuisine apart from Pakistani ?

    I struggle to eat anything but desi food. Don’t mind a lasagne or a bit of Pasta so I guess Italian?

    Cricistan.com: Your 5 favourite books.

    chandtara: I hardly read books. If I get time to open a book these days it’s the Quran. I’ve been learning the rules of Tajweed over the last year and InshAllah once that is done I aim to understand what I am reading.

    Cricistan.com: Your favourite personality minus the Prophets?

    chandtara: My father. True inspiration for me.

    Cricistan.com: How many 3 peaks challenges have you done? Tell us about how you got started with doing them.

    chandtara: I have completed the three peaks challenge once but another one is planned this year InshAllah. For those who are not aware of the 3 peaks challenge its climbing the 3 highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales within 24 hours (including travel time). I have done the mountains individually many times but all 3 together is on another level. Would recommend it to everyone to try!
    I have always been a keen climber and this challenge came up as we were raising money for orphans affected around the world. I love helping people in need, those less fortunate than myself. It’s my way of giving back to the community.

    Cricistan.com: You're one of the few people I've met in real life from cricket forums. How many have you met and was it awkward or did chat flow naturally like it does on the forum? (From Mercenary)

    chandtara: My meeting with you and Energy was the first time I have met up with anyone who I have spoken to via the forums. Initially it felt weird, especially when you have speaking to these people for years on the forum. I was expecting to meet Sultan Rahi and Shoaib Akhtar but got the total opposite lol!

    Cricistan.com: When are you coming darn sarf to meet me and Lahori? (From WaQaReD!)

    chandtara: Shouldn't be too long. Will be good linking up with the old PCZ crew. Well overdue.

    Cricistan.com: How do you think Pakistan Cricket Forums have evolved since you first started posting online? Are members better, more knowledgeable than 'back in the day' or do you think there has been a general decline in the average forum poster?

    chandtara: I think the general trend has been an increase of more knowledgeable posters. But with that I have also seen an increase in online trolling. I’ve not come across many decent Pakistani cricket forums though. There is not many out there to choose from to be honest.

    Cricistan.com: You are still very enthusiastic about cricket, haven't dropped a beat since the days of PCZ. How do keep this passion going so long and when do you think you will eventually (if ever) give up discussing the game online?

    chandtara: It’s always been a hobby of mine to follow the team from a very young age. Win, lose or draw the passion has always been there. It helped having those around me (family/friends) who showed a similar passion. I think my online activity has decreased over the last few years. I am nowhere near enough involved like I was before the birth of my daughter. Majority of the time I am online nowadays is via work. It helps with having the forum on tapatalk to keep on top of things. The love for Pakistan cricket will never die but I think being involved on the forums will come to an end sooner or later.

    Cricistan.com: What do you make of the presence of Indian posters on this forum like s2k Saurav TM Riddle Harsh Thakor Sir John and myself on Cricistan? Do you believe we have added anything positive to Cricistan?

    chandtara: All those mentioned are excellent posters and have helped with the positive vibe here on CS. It’s always good to hear the views of those from across the border.

    Cricistan.com: Moderation on CS is very lenient, is it because you guys want more traffic and don’t want to ban posters as it will affect activity on CS ?

    chandtara: We like to treat posters how we would want to be treated. Activity/Traffic is something any forum looks to increase. All the mods have life’s outside CS, we don’t want to be sat here all day monitoring every post. I think majority of posters follow the forum rules which helps make our job a lot easier. At the same time though, with increase in traffic over the last year we have had a few incidents. It comes with the territory.

    Cricistan.com: How do you compare Cricistan to other cricket forums like PCZ, PP etc. ?

    chandtara: CS is just like a larger PCZ. The majority of the PCZ team came over to CS with me.

    Cricistan.com: Who do you think can be your successor on CS, if you ever thought of leaving CS ?

    chandtara: Plenty of candidates, but you aint getting rid of me that easily!

    Cricistan.com: Where do you see Cricistan in next two years ?

    chandtara: Hoping to see some big changes. Seeing how far things have come since we relaunched a few years ago is a very positive sign. We have built up a nice little community. Just need to kick Merc’s ass in to gear.
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    Jun 10, 2011
    Energy Omar bhai can you pls make this sticky ? thanks

    @merceneray a notification to all posters will be nice :p
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    Jun 18, 2011
    Sorry about the delay. I thought it was only going to be a few questions!
  4. Energy

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Very good and informative interview - agree on the accent bit I had a very hard time understanding both Chandtara and Merc, lol.
  5. Mercenary

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Great interview chandtara I enjoyed reading that

    I dont have an accent, both of you do.

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    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan Fantasy Draft Wins: 1

    Apr 26, 2011

    Although British accent is a bit hard but I had no problem understanding Fireworks11
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    to all those who despise WWE but secretly wake up in the night and watch

    Doubel BURRRRNN!!!!!

    chandtara bhai thanks for the Interview, I'm sorry for my behavior earlier

    PS: note to myself, never judge a member by its name :p
  9. Patriot

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    Oct 8, 2014

  10. Patriot

    Patriot Kaptaan

    Oct 8, 2014
    chandtara: Hoping to see some big changes. Seeing how far things have come since we relaunched a few years ago is a very positive sign. We have built up a nice little community. Just need to kick Merc’s ass in to gear.

    can we get a video of this Mercenary

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    Thanks for calling me an excellent poster.Means a lot.
    great interview btw.
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    Well done chandtara

    Comes across as the family guy next door.
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    I refuse to believe that these two don't look like Akhtar and Sultan Rahi!
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    Chandtara Bhai is a legend. Great interview!
  18. WaQaReD!

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    Sep 13, 2011
    good to learn more of the man I have known for what must be around 10yrs know?
    CT may be one of the more genuine nice guys you will come across, the sort you would imagine is no different in real life to his online persona but trust me, from what I know of him back in the PCZ days, he may be extremely nice and upright but he has a backbone and mean streak to him if ever it is needed. Lovely man
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    Sep 22, 2012
    What about my urdu :p
  20. Fireworks11

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Great interview. Enjoyable read.

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    Your urdu was great too.
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    its just formal to say that to non Paki posters for them to keep visiting :D
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    Good read that chandtara :clap ... Well put together by Passionate Pakistani as well :clap.

    Always interesting to read how the older members see the development on forums.

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