Emerging players at the NCA sent back home by the PCB

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

Emerging players at the NCA sent back home by the PCB

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

by Abdul Habib
Jan 18, 2010 at 10:48 PM
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    Mohammad Irfan answers my call from his village in Multan and not the NCA in Lahore. I enquire whether he's come back home because he's been given a few days off from the NCA (National Cricket Academy) because that's usually the response he gives. However this time I'm totally unprepared for Irfan's answer.

    Irfan is a 6'10 left arm fast bowler who was sent by me to meet Aqib Javed at the NCA in Lahore, the meeting was arranged earlier this year and Aqib was so impressed that Irfan was immediately taken on by the NCA as one of their emerging players. This emerging players category is for talented and promising cricketers who could be the future of Pakistan. These players get coached at the NCA by some of the best coaches in Pakistan, in some case they also get to board at the NCA.

    NCA Director Aamir Sohail was heavily involved with this project and according to Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Talha, Aamir would spend lots of time meeting with the players personally to ensure they were getting the best training possible. However when Aamir resigned from his post, the PCB took the decision to send all the players involved with this scheme back home until the new administration took over and re-evaluated the status of the emerging players project. Mohammad Irfan is one of these players and is now uncertain about his future, Irfan had been making swift progress at the NCA and is already fitter and more in control of his bowling than he has ever been in his life.

    Irfan is also 2 months away from his first class debut which will put him in the record books as the tallest fast bowler to play first class in the history of cricket. The disruption to the training and fitness regime of Irfan and the other emerging cricketers so close to the upcoming first class season is completely unnecessary. Surely the PCB could've better evaluated the scheme by keeping the cricketers at the NCA and thereby being able to observe both them and the scheme at close quarters.

    Irfan sounds very worried about his future but I try and reassure him that 6'10 left arm fast bowlers arent a dime a dozen and that if he doesn't get back into the NCA then I for one will be extremely shocked! I change the subject and ask Irfan how he's recovering from the bout of dehydration he suffered during a final a few weeks ago. Irfan says that he feels a lot better now and took part in the LUMS 20/20 tournament in Lahore which his team won.

    Irfan said that he performed really well during the LUMS tournament which also featured some big names in Pakistani cricket. In a group match he took 3/16 in 3 overs, then in the semi-final he bowled a very miserly spell of 0/6 in 3 overs. His team reached the final which they won thanks to a blistering knock of 70-odd from Nasir Jamshed and Irfan's own contribution of 2/12 in 3 overs. Mohamamd Asif also performed well in the final taking 2/35 off his 4 overs.

    Irfan is also taking part in a 20/20 tournament in Sialkot organised by CA Sports, he's on the same team as Nasir Jamshed and Imran Nazir who could be opening the batting for Pakistan during the ODI matches in Sri Lanka. Irfan's team reached the final and bowled the opposition out for 130-odd with Irfan taking 2/21 off his 4 overs. Nasir and Imran opened the batting and Nasir had already hit 3 boundaries off the first over when the match was called off for rain. Imran Nazir wasn't happy and he went up to the umpires and asked them to let them continue playing in the rain. Imran Nazir said that he and Nasir were willing to play in the rain and only needed 6 overs to finish the game. His pleas fell on deaf ears and the match was called off, the game will be replayed at some point in the future.

    Mohammad Irfan said he's awaiting the return of Aqib Javed to Pakistan because he wants Aqib to help him decide which first class team he should play for. There are several offers on the table but he wants to join a team which will give him games and not sit him on the bench. As always Irfan wanted to thank all his supporters and he promises to continue working hard, he is back at Nadeem Iqbal's academy until a decision is made about his return to the NCA.
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Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

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