Horror streak continues for Pakistan after Kohli's masterclass

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Munna, Mar 19, 2016.

Horror streak continues for Pakistan after Kohli's masterclass

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Munna, Mar 19, 2016.

by Munna
Mar 19, 2016 at 4:49 PM
  1. Munna

    Munna Moderator-e-Aala

    Oct 4, 2014
    A world cup clash between arch rivals started off with high profile personalities from both sides of border given honours. Why not, as it was meant to be the most high profile game of this tournament.


    Rain also came to have a word and delayed the proceedings and it an 18-over affair.

    Dhoni having won the toss decided to put his opposition to bat first on what he accurately assessed to be a rank turner. Shahid Afridi on another hand, decided to drop Imad Wasim and bring in Sami instead which rolled a few heads around when Ashwin came in to bowl the 2nd over.

    Pakistan Innings:

    Openers found life very difficult at start as Nehra and Ashwin bowled a very intriguing spell first up. Even Bumra and Jadeja were difficult to put away and the Pakistani openers could only gather 28 runs from the power play.

    It was Raina's first over that broke the partnership when Sharjeel was caught spectacularly by Pandya at long-on boundary. Afridi decided to promote himself up the order but was surprised to see so much turn from Jadeja straight away. It wasn't too long when Ahmed Shehzad hit a boundary off Bumrah but couldn't repeat the feat and popped one high in the air to be caught at point position.

    Sedate proceedings followed after that with Umar Akmal and Shahid Afridi trying to put in a partnership at a good rate but Afridi was dismissed in the 12th over by Pandya when Kohli held on to a high regulation catch at long-on.

    This brought Shoaib Malik to the crease and he along with Umar Akmal pushed the acceleration. This period then was the highlight of Pakistan's innings as both batsmen dictated terms and scored freely. Boundaries started flowing in with 14th and 15th over going for 15 and 13 runs respectively.


    Jadeja took the much needed wicket of Umar Akmal in 16th over and that again put a break of sorts but Pakistan eventually imposed a challenging total of 119 runs from 18 overs.

    Score: 118/5 (18 overs)
    FoW: 1-38 (Sharjeel Khan, 7.4 ov), 2-46 (Ahmed Shehzad, 9.2 ov), 3-60 (Shahid Afridi, 11.5 ov), 4-101 (Umar Akmal, 15.5 ov), 5-105 (Shoaib Malik, 16.2 ov)

    India Innings:

    Mohammad Amir bowled a decent over to start the Indian innings during which Dhawan and Rohit Sharma did not want to play a wrong shot. Second over by Irfan was easier for these two batsmen as the bowler couldn't control his length well enough giving away 10 runs.

    Just when you thought that conditions might be better for the batting team in 2nd innings,
    Amir bowled a beauty to deceive Sharma who ballooned a high catch for Shoaib Malik at covers.

    It was the first over of Mohammad Sami whose pace worked in favour of Pakistan for a span of two balls when he bowled Dhawan and Suresh Raina on consecutive balls. This gave the much needed momentum to Pakistan at that stage and suddenly they started looking more threatening.


    However, this momentum did not last for much long and the partnership of Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli kept nudging the ball into gaps and picked up easy runs. The pair settled into their groove quite well in a matter of few overs. Pakistan did not utilize their skills and assistance from the pitch at all and kept bowling at similar speeds throughout without any impact.
    50 run partnership was brought between the two at a very healthy strike rate.

    Yuvraj departed in the 12th over after hitting a monstrous six off Wahab Riaz but only after scoring a very significant 24 off 23 balls. On the other hand, Kohli kept the accelerator on and found the boundary more often than not from thereon. He reached his match winning half century off just 35 deliveries in the 14th over but that wasn't enough to stop him.

    Dhoni eventually and fittingly hit the winning runs off Irfan in the 16th over to win yet another world cup game against their arch rivals.

    Score: 119/4 (15.5 overs)
    FoW: 1-14 (Sharma, 2.1 ov), 2-23 (Dhawan, 4.3 ov), 3-23 (Raina, 4.4 ov), 4-84 (Yuvraj Singh, 11.6 ov)



    Pakistan lost their first ever game at Eden Gardens and that too without much fight yet another time.

    History repeated itself one more time this night and Pakistan will have to wait another set of years before they can have another chance to break the streak.

    Pakistan, however, still find themselves above India on the points table despite this loss.
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Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Munna, Mar 19, 2016.

    1. Munna

      Munna Moderator-e-Aala

      Oct 4, 2014
      Kab phoreinge yaar? :(
    2. saiyan0321

      saiyan0321 Cornered Tiger

      Oct 5, 2014
      @Munna that was a great write brother and I am starting to feel like that mauka mauka ad. This is getting frustrating. I thought after sachin we could and the streak but nope.. Now cant get virat kohli out..

      Today was a great chance to win this and frankly we gifted the match stupidity and foolishness that not even associates would make.
    3. Alchemy

      Alchemy Smooth Operator

      Oct 8, 2014
      Feel like crying.
    4. Alchemy

      Alchemy Smooth Operator

      Oct 8, 2014
      Virat Kohli should get the nickname of Pakistan's destroyer.
    5. CricketFan96

      CricketFan96 Smooth Operator

      Aug 4, 2012
      The whole scenario could have been different if we had an intelligent captain who has a cricketing brain - Dhoni played smart, he knew it was a spin pitch - had a variety of spinners and enough seamers

      ..but Afridi has no cricketing brain. When you play cricket for 20 years, you should have somewhat cricket knowledge but Afridi never learns. Why the hell are you selecting 4 fast bowlers when you know there is spin.

      So you open the innings and you have a obese mediocre player who can't even play spin when the opponent have a variety of spin.. so that's a fail..

      When Sharjeel gets out, you know there is huge spin, you have Sarfraz who can play spin very well but Afridi thinks he can be the hero - how selfish! Afridi is terrible against quality sides, well said Ian.

      The rest of our batsmen were average, none of them did anything special..

      We come to bowling and that's when we realize the need of a full time spinner - Amir does his first 2 overs brilliantly - shows passion and gets us a wicket. Irfan is mediocre like always. Sami surprises us with 2 wickets in one over but gets hit in the 2nd over. Then Afridi brings himself in which was alright then.. but he is so selfish.

      Virat & Yuvraj start hitting.. and Pakistan show a pathetic fielding display/.

      Yuvraj gets out - perfect opportunity to attack and bring Amir in but Afridi brings himself in - gets smashed and when the game is over - he gives Amir an over. Are you deluded Afridi?

      Game was over in the first ball to be fairly honest because we had seen Afridi's foolishness and the spin.

      If Afridi has any shame, he should announce his retirement now.
    6. chandtara

      chandtara Mr Cricistan

      Jun 18, 2011
      The fireworks are back in the box once again :(

      Kohli is just a different breed!
    7. Don Quixote

      Don Quixote Whispering Death

      Nov 13, 2015
      .................................. :(
    8. Omar

      Omar Cricistan Moderator

      Jan 27, 2010
      I said at the time of the toss when Pakistan lost it and were sent in that they're winning chances had gone down by 25% at least at that stage.

      But just by the outset, the body language was completely off, not pumped up playing against India in India infront of 60k+ people against them too. This is not the way to go on about playing against your arch rivals in their own backyard.

      Openers were poor, too many dots ball spun yes, but there was no shimmy down the wicket or trying to play big shots using the feet early on to put the spinners off their line and length. They let them bowl a little offstump line and then the ball did the rest.

      Only when Raina came did Sharjeel come down and was caught but in the powerplay, there was no such attempts at all. Even against Nehra and Bumrah, the mindset was to just see off the PP without losing a wicket even if we score 20-30 runs. For a T20, that is not good as it is just 20 overs which is 120 balls and each one of them counts.

      Every single dot ball comes back to haunt you and there is definitely balls that you cannot score off from but you have to make up for it on others by running hard, making the singles into doubles and so on just like Kohli does.

      The batting order completely changed on a pitch where the ball was turning sharply and rather than having those who play spin a bit better, the big hitters walk in like Afridi etc; Hafeez who top scored in the last match walks in at 7 with 10 balls to go, not much he could've done at that stage of the innings.

      Lack of planning, startegy and mindset as always, coach, captain and management should be asked some really tough questions if these issues need to be tackled upon.

      ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

      Apr 26, 2011
      More like Kaala jaadu streak.

      Imran, Miandad, Wasim, Waqar, Inzamam, Saeed Anwar, Shoaib Akhtar & Saqlain Mushtaq couldn't do that. How can we expect the current bunch to end this streak.
    10. Fawad

      Fawad Sultan of Swing

      Sep 1, 2010
      By that logic, we should stop trying...
    11. Fireworks11

      Fireworks11 Kaptaan

      Sep 22, 2012
      Disappointing day. I was all pumped and hyped since morning and the build up was exhilarating as usual, India v Pakistan, in Kolkata. World Cup. The stuff of dreams.

      We obviously Mis-read the pitch by not selecting a spinner. Our batting couldn't handle their spin.

      but biggest issue today was our bowlers bowling TRASH, only amir bowled well. Afridi was too full, Malik rubbish, wahab and irfan rubbish. Compare that to how Indians bowled. Really disappointing day.

      Two ppl that need to go are irfan and sharjeel. Both can't bat or bowl proper or field.

      Highlight of the day was Samis 2 wickets. Reminded me of wahab wicket of yuvraj in mohali. Sports is so beautiful at times, giving you euphoric magical moments you enjoy.
    12. Victorious Pakistan

      Victorious Pakistan Smooth Operator

      Feb 29, 2012
      As @Energy mentioned, the team probably decided to pick Sami well before the tournament. We have no strategy or thinking during the game. They just go through the motions. Afridi was clueless as always. Rubbish captain and even worse player when it matters.
      Waqar as coach with how many years experience, Azhar Mahmood as bowling coach, Afridi as captain could not read a pitch. Malik said they expected it to turn during the halfway break, so then why play Sami and co to start with?
      The board are stupid and so are the team. The squad is poor and Bangladesh was a cover up from months and years of mediocrity. Whilst Kohli, Yuvraj and Dhoni stand up for India nobody has the courage to do so for Pakistan. There are always excuses from Pakistan.
      Right at the top, Sharjeel and Shehzad were pathetic, settled in and still played spin as if they had never seen it before. Kohli and Yuvraj easily moved the ball around and got to the pitch showing how it should be done. Our current squad are mostly talentless and spineless. Fearful cricket.
      People say support your team even in the darkest of times or not at all, but Pakistan been having dark times for many a year and have nothing to blame but the system and players themselves. The coaches and board are just as pathetic.
      The U-19's are often successful but players shunned but look across the border how they treat and nurture their youngsters.

      As much as I like Amir and think he is a special player, he really needs to stand up and take games by the scruff of the neck. The great bowlers won games for their teams, Amir has an ability to take wickets, 2-3 per game but doesn't really go and push on, albeit he has a woeful captain. I really hope he starts winning Pakistan games because he has the passion most the others are missing.

      Irfan and Wahab Riaz are poor and have no space in the team. They just leak runs and runs with little control. Malik is decent at best and Afridi with the ball is a lottery just like his batting.

      More than half this team need to go.
      A team who needs motivation to face their rivals is no team at all.

      This is not just restricted to India. Pakistan are crap vs everyone. Bangladesh had a 5 game T20 winning streak before we finally won. Says a lot.
    13. PakistanZindabad

      PakistanZindabad Youngsta Beauty

      Apr 1, 2011
      Twnty20 cricket is team, you cannot carry players who are not on top of their game be it fielding/batting or bowling.
      The teams who win have all 3 departments functioning which sadly Pakistan don't have.
      Pakistan is good at internal politics that's it. They don't care about winning tournaments. That was a really sad performance today by pakistan. It hurt to watch them play, result was never in doubt after 5 overs of match especially with pakistan going on without a spinner when other teams nz aus eng playing extra spinners due to pitches.
      A lot things are wrong with pakistan cricket and need to change but I won't hold my breath don't think will happen anytime soon.
    14. Saj

      Saj Formerly Saj001

      Jun 2, 2012
      Afridi is a very poor captain.
    15. CricketFan96

      CricketFan96 Smooth Operator

      Aug 4, 2012
      Exactly. You couldn't see the passion and determination of winning for your country in any of our players except maybe Amir - but you can't expect Amir to fix your bad work all the time.

      You should have seen Pandya's catch - it was quite a dangerous position but he didn't care because he was determined and passionate for his country.
    16. Choi Saab

      Choi Saab Smooth Operator

      Oct 4, 2014
      3 mistakes cost Pakistan a lot and all three, unsurprisingly lead to a failure in the reading of the pitch.

      1) The dropping of Imad Wasim, granted Sami performed but what exactly was on the pitch that compelled the think tank to play 4 seamers in place of a spinner, I don't know. We already made a fatal mistake by not selecting a specialist spinner and we made that mistake worse when we dropped a A/R spinner in Imad.

      2) Why Irfan played when the pitch had hardly any grass, was dry and the fact that there was little or no bounce on it. Sami was a perfect replacement to Irfan on this pitch since he's a skiddy bowler who can bowl quick and keep the ball low. Ifran isn't suited to such a pitch.

      3) Why Afridi came at 3? Though I appreciate that they were planning on being aggressive after a very sluggish start by Shehzad and Sharjeel, but the issue is we know that Sarfraz is a player who excells against spin bowling and by playing him at 3 we could have had an anchor and allowed either Hafeez, Akmal and Hafees to play the aggressor on the other end.

      Those were the 3 mistakes that literally cost Pakistan the match.

      I mean, what can you say, you know your batsman struggle the second the pitch does something, and why we didn't try using your resources to the best possible combination is annoying, why we didn't employ slips consistently when Afridi and Malik were bowling, why no-body targeted Kohli's weakness around off stump - nitty gritty things as such that if rectified and (maybe) the results could have been different.

      Good write up btw @Munna ... Honestly so annoyed and frustated why after playing the game for so long, the likes of Waqar, Afridi etc didn't pick up on such things.
    17. tanveers

      tanveers Youngsta Beauty

      Sep 9, 2010
      First, there is no place for Sherjeel, Irfan, and Captain Afridi in the team. Sherjeel has no footwork, unnecessarily plays across the line (that's why he gets out all the times ballooning the ball in the air), Irfan is zero in batting and fielding and is an average bowler at his best. Afridi is a liability, because of him, we can not select a genuine allrounder, and he also blocks a position for a specialist spinner.

      Now talk about this game. Mistakes:

      1. Not to include a specialist spinner.
      2. Indian spinners were bowling square-turner, agreed but why didn't our nervous, hand-tied openers went after the Indian fast bowler. Nehra and Co were not at all threatening, why didn't our openers take their chances on them, instead of playing with a dead bat? What's the point of seeing overs off, when the match only had 18 overs?
      3. Somehow we managed to score 118 runs. And when the heat was on, why did we not continue with Amir and Sami with an attacking field. Why play "gully" cricket, where everyone has to bowl. Why did Afridi and Malik bowl indifferently to lose the shackles and let Indian batsmen settle again. There is no point of saving your wicket-taking bowlers overs when you know that you can not contain India.

      Truth is, Pakistan step into the ground with a defeated mindset. No intent, no planning and no aggression. This strategy has failed many times and will continue to fail. The only way Pakistan can break the jinx against India is to select a balance team and to play with aggression from the first ball — fearlessly.

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