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How great an all-rounder was Kapil Dev?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Harsh Thakor, Apr 30, 2019.

Where does Kapil Dev rank amongst the great all-rounders?

  1. Better than Imran,Kallis,Hadlee and Botham

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  2. Better than Imran

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  3. Better than Hadlee

  4. Better than Kallis

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  5. Better than Botham

  6. Better than Botham,Kallis and Hadlee

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  7. Better than Imran and Hadlee

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  8. Better than Imran,Hadlee and Kallis

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  9. Better than Imran,Hadlee and Botham

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  10. Better than Imran,Kallis and Botham

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  11. Below Imran,Kallis,Hadlee and Botham

  12. Better than Imran,Kallis and Hadlee

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  1. Harsh Thakor

    Harsh Thakor Youngsta Beauty

    May 5, 2011
    Arguably no cricketer defined Indian cricket or took it to such a pedestal or height as the legendary Kapil Dev.Few cricketers have ever been as explosive or entertaining in the history of the game.A swashbuckling innings or a fiery spell by Kapil Dev could turn the complexion of a game like a hurricane or tornado arriving .

    Kapil was one of the hardest hitting batsmen ever in the history of the game who carried bat like a club and literally shaved a cricket ball.On his day he would take the best bowling attacks to mercy y the sword.I can never forget his 89 runs of 55 balls at Lords in 1982 and 77 with 4 consecutive sixes on the same venue in 1990.He simply looked in complete commander like an Emperor annexing territory after territory.His swashbucking 69 at Mumbai and 84 at Madras in 1979-80 played a great role in India beating Pakistan in 1979-80 at home.He also scored a match saving unbeaten century at Trinidad against the best pace attack of all time as well as a classic match turning unbeaten 163 in the tied test v Australia in 1986.His last century against a top pace attack in South Africa p[roved that on his day he could dominate bowling like any great batsmen.In the 1983 world cup his unbeaten 175 ressurected India from the grave to reach the pinnacle of glory like no knock in the history of the world cup.

    No paceman bowled a better outswinger than Kapil who troubled even the likes of Viv Richards,Greg Chappell or Zaheer Abbas..On flat tracks no fast -medium bowler equalled Kapil's skill who captured more than half of his 434 scalps on flat tracks.Kapil captured 7 or more wickets 4 times which is remarkable with his 9-83 v West Indies in 1983-84 at Ahmedabad v West Indies as his best figures.His 8-85 at Lahore was another great spell where he captured scalps of greats like Zaheer,Javed and Imran.Kapil had many 5 wicket hauls v West Indies which is remarkable.Overseas his best performance was capturing 25 wickets in a test series in Australia in 1981-82.At home he was at his best against Pakistan in 1979-80 when he had 32 scalps.No fast -medium bowler before Glen Mcgrath arguably bowled as intelligently as Kapil and so comprehensively understood the weaknesses of batsmen.

    In ODI's he was arguably the greatest all-rounder ever and be te 1st choic e as an all-rounder for the world xi.As a skipper there were 2 sides to the story.He was a great motivator but not always sound as a tactician.He was positive but could often let thing slip.Neverthless his leading India to the world cup victory against all odds in 1983 speaks for itself which wrote a new chapter or defined a new epoch in Indian cricket history.

    On figures Kapil would rank below greats like Sobers,Kallis,Imran ,Botham,Miller or even Hadlee.In his era he was statistically overshadowed by Botham,Imran and Hadlee .However one must throw light on the fact that Kapil bowled on placid Indian tracks that too with no support unlike Imran or Wasim.Kapil did not have the assistance of seaming attacks or conditions like Hadlee and Botham.Versus West Indies Kapil was much more successful than Botham and suprisingly the most succesful all-rounder of the quartet.Kapil twice overshadowed Botham as an all-rounder as in 1981-82 at home and 1981-82 in England.For sheer all-round performance his 8 wickets for 168 and scores of 41 and 89 compare with an all-round performance of any great all-rounder.On that day at Lords he lifted India from the depths of despair to ultimately send tremors in the English camp like a bomber launching a counter -attack on an airbase.After scoring 89 runs he had England reeling at 18-3 and totally ressurected the spirit of India which was virtually dead and buried a little more than an hour before.In such a short span of time I have never witnessed such a herculean cricketing effort.Imran overall was a better pace bowler and more consistent batsmen but at his best could not turn the complexion with the bat like Kapil.Imran was better at a defensive innings but Kapil was more capable of a match-winning knock with his flamboyance.Significant Kapil has the bets record amongst the 4 as a batsmen against the best team of the day or maybe all-time,West Indies.After capturing 5 wickets I would back Kapil after Botham to score a blazing 50 more than Imran or Hadlee.Kapil as a cricketer won more series or games than Gavaskar or Tendulkar which is notable.Even Jacques Kallis was not as dynamic cricketer as Kapil.

    Kapil has been ranked at 48th pace amongst the 100 best cricketers of all-time bu Cristopher Martin Jenkins and John Woodcock and around 38th by Geoff Armstrong.Al placed him above Jacques Kallis,because he was a greater match-winner.Arguably had Kapil been an Englsihgman or an Australian he would have been much more closer to the like sof Lillee and Marshall or Mcgrath but course he would have had to bat in more testing conditions.Maybe I would rank Kapil just a notch below the likes of Imran ,Kallis and Botham as an all-rounder and a slender margin ahead of Hadlee .After Sobers and Miller arguably the most entertaining of all all-rounders.

    Stats compiled by S.Rajesh from cricinfo

    Kapil Dev's Test career in three parts
    Period Runs Average 100s Wickets Average 5WI
    First ten Tests 510 42.50 1 29 39.06 1
    Next 52 Tests 1973 27.40 2 218 26.19 17
    Next 69 Tests 2765 32.52 5 187 32.20 5
    Career 5248 31.05 8 434 29.64 23

    Kapil's best phase as an ODI bowler coincided with two famous victories in world events for India. During the period between May 1983 and March 1986, when India won the World Cup and the World Championship of Cricket, he averaged 31.25 with the bat and 20.39 with the ball, taking 69 wickets in 47 games. His performances remained impressive till the early 1990s, but in the last couple of years of his career his numbers fell away alarmingly: in 36 matches he averaged 13.50 with the bat and more than 37 with the ball. The only aspect that wasn't affected was his economy rate, which remained well below four runs per over.

    Towards the beginning of the 1990s, the positive difference between his batting and bowling averages also began to close. Through most of the 1980s his batting average was more than the corresponding one for bowling, but the last time this happened was on December 15, 1991,when, after his 176th ODI, his batting average was 0.13 higher. As he neared the end of his career, his batting and bowling prowess both decreased, and he ended with a batting average almost four runs lower than the bowling one. (Click here for his cumulative ODI averages.)

    Kapil's ODI career
    Period ODIs Runs Average Strike rate Wickets Average Econ rate
    Till April 1983 32 608 20.96 107.80 34 31.20 3.78
    May 1983 to Feb 1986 47 1000 31.25 98.91 69 20.39 3.51
    March 1986 to March 1992 110 1878 24.71 93.75 123 28.17 3.81
    Since April 1992 36 297 13.50 74.06 27 37.48 3.62
    Career 225 3783 23.79 95.07 253 27.45 3.71

    Kapil's overall numbers are impressive enough, but what stands out are his bowling stats against the best team of his generation. In 25 Tests against West Indies, Kapil took 89 wickets, which is his second-highest against a single team (he took 99 against Pakistan). The average of 24.89 is his best against any team, marginally better than the 25.35 he averaged in 20 Tests against Australia.

    In the 1980s, Kapil was among the best bowlers against a line-up that included Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd, Gordon Greenidge, Desmond Haynes and Richie Richardson. He dismissed Greenidge eight times in Tests, and Haynes, Richards and Dujon seven times each. (Click here for more details.) In 19 Tests, Kapil's bowling average against West Indies was less than 23; among those who bowled at least 1200 deliveries against them during this period, only Imran Khan and Richard Hadlee, the two other great allrounders of the era, had better bowling averages. Ian Botham's numbers were a huge contrast to those of the three other allrounders, though: in 19 Tests he took only 58 wickets at an average of almost 36.

    Best Test bowlers versus West Indies in the 1980s (Qual: 1200 balls bowled)
    Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike rate 5WI/10WM
    Imran Khan 10 52 16.68 38.3 5/ 1
    Richard Hadlee 10 51 22.03 49.1 4/ 1
    Kapil Dev 19 72 22.98 51.4 4/ 1
    Abdul Qadir 8 40 28.07 55.2 1/ 0
    Graham Dilley 11 36 28.77 56.6 1/ 0
    Ewen Chatfield 7 23 31.43 69.5 1/ 1
    Geoff Lawson 12 39 35.58 65.0 2/ 1
    Ian Botham 19 58 35.84 59.4 3/ 0
    John Emburey 14 30 39.26 87.9 2/ 0
    Rodney Hogg 8 20 42.15 77.1 1/ 0

    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

    Apr 26, 2011
    No anywhere even close to his contemporaries like Imran, Botham & Hadlee.
  3. Mo Iqbal

    Mo Iqbal Youngsta Beauty

    Dec 27, 2013
    I watched Kapil play in his prime.

    Him & Manoj Prabhakar were the worst 2 trundlers to ever bowl against Gooch.

    As a batsmen he was very good. He would make most test teams today just as a batter.

    Overall a decent all rounder but like AP said behind Imran, Botham & Hadlee but better than the likes of Clive Rice, Marshall with the bat.
  4. thair9999

    thair9999 Emerging Player

    Oct 17, 2010
    I was unable to vote as there was no option of "Over Rated" available.
  5. Mohammed Bilal

    Mohammed Bilal Tracer Bullet

    Jul 17, 2017
  6. Mohammed Bilal

    Mohammed Bilal Tracer Bullet

    Jul 17, 2017
    Look at Imran with an average of 16 against West Indies. He was a true cricketer was Immy.
  7. ahmedwaqas92

    ahmedwaqas92 Youngsta Beauty

    Jan 1, 2017
    Decent Bat, overated bowler. Basically a rich version of Pandya which isn't saying much tbh.
  8. Disco Lemonade

    Disco Lemonade Design Artist

    Dec 17, 2009
    Surprised people are saying he was an over rated bowler, since Indians usually rate him as their best fast/medium bowler until recently.
  9. Bublu Bhuyan

    Bublu Bhuyan Banned

    Feb 15, 2010
    Yes, he is our best ever fast bowler, period. But that means little since every nation bar Bangladesh has produced better fast bowlers than us. Even Heath Streak, in my opinion, was a better fast bowler than anyone we have ever produced.
  10. ShokoTolo_LoloMoto

    ShokoTolo_LoloMoto Talented

    Apr 16, 2010
    Every answer choice starts with "Better than".
    And out of 12 answers, 8 start with "Better than Imran". lol

    Truth of the matter is, Kapil was not even close to Imran> Botham> and Kallis,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kapil.

    And I say this because when Kapil started his debut in 1978 in Pakistan: as a kid at that time, I WAS AT THE GROUND, and I have watched his career since then.
  11. thair9999

    thair9999 Emerging Player

    Oct 17, 2010
    Over rated bowler for world; yes, one of the best for India; also yes. He stood alone in the Land of batting.
  12. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    Kapil was overrated as an all-rounder. His bowling was great for India (pre 2010's) but he wouldnt have got into most other teams as a bowler alone. Maybe Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

    I always felt Kapil should have concentrated on his batting. He had the potential to be the best batting all rounder after Sobers. On his day he could be destructive as he showed in the 1983 World Cup.

    Very underrated as a batsman but not an all-rounder on the level of those mentioned.

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