Indian man wants to sue parents for giving birth to him 'without consent'

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  1. Del

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    Dec 21, 2016
    An Indian man is planning to sue his parents in India for giving birth to him ‘without his consent’.

    Raphael Samuel said he had a “great relationship” with his parents but has compared having children to “kidnapping and slavery,” Mail Onlinereported

    The 27-year-old from Mumbai is an anti-natalist who believes it is wrong to put an unwilling child through the rigmarole of life for the pleasure of its parents.

    The anti-natalist movement is gaining traction in India as younger people resist social pressure to have children.

    A similar meme posted on the Facebook page reads: ‘If parents truly know what is good for their children… why did they have them?’

    Another asks: “Isn’t forcing a child into this world and then forcing it to have a career kidnapping and slavery?”

    In yet another picture he writes: “The only reason your children are facing problems is because you had them.”

    Some anti-natalist activists in India also argue that having children is a strain on Earth’s resources and avoid procreation for environmental reasons.

    Another activist, Pratima Naik, said, “We don’t want to impose our beliefs on anyone, but more people need to consider why having a child in the world right now isn’t right.”

    His page, entitled Childfree India, wrote last month, “Should we continue to bring more children in this world and accelerate the process of environmental and social degradation? Do you think existence is pain, and not bringing a child into this world, is a guaranteed way to avoid unnecessary suffering to the child?”

    “We are a group of people who have decided not to reproduce. We are Childfree Indians!”
  2. Del

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    Dec 21, 2016
    LOL, what a nut job !
  3. Fireworks11

    Fireworks11 Kaptaan

    Sep 22, 2012
    what a crazy world.
  4. Mohsin

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    Feb 21, 2010
  5. Energy

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Interesting article on BBC.

    A 27-year-old Indian man plans to sue his parents for giving birth to him without his consent.

    Mumbai businessman Raphael Samuel told the BBC that it's wrong to bring children into the world because they then have to put up with lifelong suffering.

    Mr Samuel, of course, understands that our consent can't be sought before we are born, but insists that "it was not our decision to be born".

    So as we didn't ask to be born, we should be paid for the rest of our lives to live, he argues.

    Mr Samuel's belief is rooted in what's called anti-natalism - a philosophy that argues that life is so full of misery that people should stop procreating immediately.

    This, he says, would gradually phase out humanity from the Earth and that would also be so much better for the planet.

    "There's no point to humanity. So many people are suffering. If humanity is extinct, Earth and animals would be happier. They'll certainly be better off. Also no human will then suffer. Human existence is totally pointless."

    A year ago, he created a Facebook page, Nihilanand, which features posters that show his images with a huge fake beard, an eye-mask and anti-natalist messages like "Isn't forcing a child into this world and forcing it to have a career, kidnapping, and slavery?" Or, "Your parents had you instead of a toy or a dog, you owe them nothing, you are their entertainment."

    Mr Samuel says he remembers first having anti-natalist thoughts when he was five.

    "I was a normal kid. One day I was very frustrated and I didn't want to go to school but my parents kept asking me to go. So I asked them: 'Why did you have me?' And my dad had no answer. I think if he'd been able to answer, maybe I wouldn't have thought this way."

    As the idea grew and took shape in his mind, he decided to tell his parents about it.

    Mr Samuel says he has "very loving relations" with his parents (both of whom are lawyers) and that his mum reacted "very well" and dad too "is warming up" to the idea.

    "Mum said she wished she had met me before I was born and that if she did, she definitely wouldn't have had me," he says laughing and adds that she does see reason in his argument.

    "She told me that she was quite young when she had me and that she didn't know she had another option. But that's what I'm trying to say - everyone has the option."

    In a statement, his mother Kavita Karnad Samuel said it was unfair to focus on a "sliver of what he believes in".

    "His belief in anti-natalism, his concern for the burden on Earth's resources due to needless life, his sensitivity toward the pain experienced unwittingly by children while growing up and so much more has been ruefully forgotten.

    "I'm very happy that my son has grown up into a fearless, independent-thinking young man. He is sure to find his path to happiness."

    Mr Samuel says his decision to take his parents to court is only based on his belief that the world would be a much better place without human beings in it.

    So six months ago, one day at breakfast, he told his mother that he was planning to sue her. "She said that's fine, but don't expect me to go easy on you. I will destroy you in court." Mr Samuel is now looking for a lawyer to take up his case, but so far he's not had much success.

    "I know it's going to be thrown out because no judge would hear it. But I do want to file a case because I want to make a point."

    His Facebook posts have also attracted a lot of responses, "some positive, but mostly negative" with some even advising him to "go kill yourself". He has also had worried mums asking him what would happen if their children see his posts.

    "Some argue logically, some are offended and some are offensive. To those abusing me, let them abuse me. But I also hear from many who say they support me but can't say this publicly for whatever reasons. I ask them to come out and speak up," he says.

    His critics also say that he's doing this to get some publicity.

    "I'm not really doing this for publicity," he says, "but I do want the idea to go public. This simple idea that it's okay to not have a child."

    I ask him if he is unhappy being born.

    "I wish I was not born. But it's not that I'm unhappy in my life. My life is good, but I'd rather not be here. You know it's like there's a nice room, but I don't want to be in that room," he explains.
  6. Energy

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    Apr 22, 2012
    Everything looks harmless at start until it becomes a chain reaction.

    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

    Apr 26, 2011
    Technically he was not alive so that his parents will ask for his consent. He needs a nice punch on his front teeth to bring him back to his senses.
  8. Passionate Pakistani

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    Jun 10, 2011

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  9. Fireworks11

    Fireworks11 Kaptaan

    Sep 22, 2012
    the world has gone bonkers with all these 'rights'
  10. saiyan0321

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    Oct 5, 2014


    Yehi sunnay ko reh gaya tha bas
  11. Mohammed Bilal

    Mohammed Bilal Tracer Bullet

    Jul 17, 2017
    It has made big news, successful attempt to gain attention.

  12. Mercenary

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Exactly it's just a publicity stunt. Both is parents are lawyers and like his idea....

    They are proud of his thinking to reach these conclusions. The headlines, as always, are very misleading...


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