Mohammad Yousuf accuses Misbah-ul-Haq of conspiring against Younis Khan in 2009

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    What do you guys have to say on this? For me, even if cricketers gathered to voice their concerns regarding rigid attitude of the captain it is fine in my opinion!! They should not feel ashamed about this. However, taking oath on Quran is wrong! Their concern was genuine in my opinion!! Younus Khan trying to become Imran Khan all of a sudden was wrong! Imran Khan was a totally different person and Younus is different! Younus should act like Younus and not try to become Imran! Nobody will accept that and a captain should be open to all his players so that players can share their opinion too!! If a captain is too rigid, can not be approached at all, players will feel bad and then this was the result!! So, Younus despite being a great cricketer and batsman was not a great captain whereas Misbah may not be as great a batsman as Younus but was a great Captain of his time!! Younus was right, he was a leader who stood for his players but he should keep his anger in check in my opinion!!
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    Yousaf is special case.
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    A whole decade has passed since this infamous incident and some people are still talking about it to stay relevant or satisfy their egos.
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    Tbf with yousuf here, it was badami who asked these questions and yousuf was supposed to answer them because it was some bouncer round where you have to answer everythng

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