Nawaz sharif Disqualified for life

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    Many Pakistanis who want to live in UAE for an extended period of time apply for the work Visa as its the easiest way to stay in UAE for an extended period of time. This requires filing an iqama and showing your employment in the country. For that reason the company who provides the iqama actually also has to pay the salary. In order to show that salary, payroll transactions are done on a monthly basis into the account of the visa holder. Nawaz lived in UAE and Saudi Arabia during his time of exile. So like many others he had a UAE work visa and salary use to come into his account on monthly basis but he did not draw that salary. The company belonged to his son and he was employed as an honorary chairman of the company. When he became the PM in 2013 elections, he did not show that account as he might have deemed it irrelevant. The account only had $250k in it. A person who is accused of stealing in billions had no apparent reason to hide that account unless he thought it to be irrelevant from his asset perspective particularly when he was not even drawing money from that account and it was only created to fulfill the visa requirements. Supreme court while unable to gather enough proofs to convict him on the panama case used this technical clause to disqualify him from the office and hence all this noise about "Mujhay Kyon Nikala"

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