No more lip service - Pakistan must make a meaningful effort to reform its domestic system

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Markhor, Jan 7, 2017.

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  1. Markhor

    Markhor Talented

    May 9, 2010
    Its interesting when you hear English, South African and Australian fans say the standard of their domestic cricket has gone down in recent years. And yet our standard of domestic competition is still lightyears behind ! Let me ask people these questions.

    How can you groom batsmen to be successful on hard, bouncy pitches in Australia and South Africa when all they're exposed to is the damp, low bounce filth that the PCB farmers (sorry, "curators") produce in FC cricket ? How can you develop a back-foot game on pitches that are more suited towards limited, front-foot nurdlers ?

    How can you groom bowlers to bowl on flat wickets (and the wickets in this series have been generally flat) when they're given grassy surfaces and play their FC cricket during the most seamer-friendly weather in Pakistan during Oct-Dec ? Pitch the ball on a length and let the conditions do the work for you. No wonder we have a generation of bowlers clueless as to how to use the new ball.

    How can you groom seamers to bowl 25+ overs in an innings when the max. amount of overs played each day of a FC match is around 65-70 ? No wonder our seamers start huffing and puffing in their third and fourth spells. And when there is lack of proper fitness and nutritional programmes at grassroots and domestic level you have a generation of unfit cricketers unable to cope with the rigours of an international tour.

    How can you groom captains for the national team when skippers are appointed at domestic level not on the basis of their tactical nous but on seniority ?

    How can our domestic system be an effective barometer to judge who is ready for international cricket when proven international failures like Khurrum Manzoor, Kamran Akmal, Salman Butt and Awais Zia look like frickin' Bradmans at domestic level ? How can you groom international-standard players when Pakistani coaches at grassroots and domestic level can't even identify the most basic of technical flaws in young players ? And yet this is the system we have.

    There'll be individuals who'll come along like Younis Khan, Wasim Akram, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Waqar Younis, Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan, Saeed Anwar, Hanif Mohammad and others who emerge IN SPITE of the system and not because of it. Many of our greats of the 70s, 80s and 90s were lucky to have the opportunity of playing in county cricket where they rubbed shoulders with quality coaches, learned from other top players and were exposed to foreign conditions on a regular basis instead of touring countries outside Asia every 5 or 6 years like this generation.

    Now that is no longer an option - and Pakistan will now pray for another set of individuals to come along and perform miracles. I'm afraid in an increasingly professionalised world, where more sporting countries are adopting a more structural approach to attain success, Pakistan will be left behind. Arthur, Inzamam and maybe Misbah himself if he becomes an Andrew Strauss-like figure post-retirement need to begin the work of professionalising an unprofessional system.
  2. ComradeVenom

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    Jul 24, 2012
    Agreed fully but remember Pakistan is a very immature society, a country where when democracy doesnt quite work out people want it scrapped with martial law or theocracy.

    In such a society only small plasters over the wound and hollow gestures playing to the masses are used by people in authority to buy themselves sometime and get results.

    Do you honestly think that anybody has the capacity to implement a comprehensive overhaul of cricket that could take 10+ years to reap rewards?

    Its far easier to sack a skipper/coach and employ another, maybe drop a few players for ill discipline or perhaps name a new selector. Actions that look like something is being done and allow people to claim salaries in the process.

    The new fad is famous cricketers opening cricket academies for their own publicity and financial reward.

    Its telling that even those of us who have a bit more knowledge of cricket than the layman fan still trump the same arguments about so much talent on the streets. As if the 2-3 players that miraculously were picked from the streets are the rule rather than the exception.

    Every institute in Pakistan is floundering due to lack of professionalism, not just cricket. Im actually surprised that cricket has survived so long.
  3. ElRaja

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    Jan 12, 2013
    i was gonna write a lengthy post in reply, but everyone knows the problems, everyone knows it would take only a few little things to at least start moving in the right direction, but its not gonna happen so why tire my fingers over it.

    this shit has always been the problem, but add it to horribly homogeneous "home tracks", and a team full of pussys and tbh this team isn't worth watching, even in highlights.

    the two top scorers in the last innings scored at more than a run a ball, ffs, pak nearly chased 490 when they started playing without fear of getting out.... yet im sure it will be back to same defensive nurdling in the WI. i know people will advocate the ability to stick it out, but if your technically deficient you might as well make the most of your little time out there.

    its time misbah hung his boots, but the thought of watching 5 years of azhar ali captaining this test team fills me with dread.

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