Pakistan knocked out of WT20 2016

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by ASLI-PATHAN, Mar 25, 2016.

Pakistan knocked out of WT20 2016

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by ASLI-PATHAN, Mar 25, 2016.

by Nasir Jamal
Mar 25, 2016 at 1:33 PM

    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

    Apr 26, 2011

    In a must win last group game against Australia, Pakistan again fall short in a big chase and were knocked out from the cup with just one win in four games.​

    Australia won the toss & decided to bat first on a good batting surface. They started well with Finch who was playing his first game in this World Cup & Khawaja. Khawaja was particularly looking good. In the 4th over of Australia's innings Wahab was brought into attack who gave Pakistan the breakthrough by sending Khawaja back to the hut.

    He was again successful in his 2nd over when he clean bowled Warner for 9. In the 8th over Imad clean bowled Finch to leave Australia at 57/3. It looked at this time that Pakistan could restrict Australia to under 150 but Smith & Maxwell were thinking otherwise. They both came together for a partnership of 62 runs in 38 balls.

    When Maxwell was out for 30 off 18 balls Watson came to join his skipper in the middle. Watson played a blinder and scored unbeaten 44 off 21 balls and was involved in a partnership of 74* with Smith who scored an unbeaten 50 as well. Pakistani bowling was poor yet again as they conceded 194 runs in 20 overs. Sami was again very poor with the ball and conceded 53 runs in his 4 overs. His selection in squad for this WC was very surprising and I am sure we won't see him again in Pakistani colors.

    Pakistan started the chase on a wrong foot when Shahzad was out early for 1 off 6 balls. Sharjeel on the other hand was hitting the ball well. His pull shots were especially very powerful towards mid wicket. He was bowled by Faulkner for 30 off 19 balls. After his exit Umar was promoted to bat at 4 and he started very well. But when it looked that Pakistan is on track he was foxed by Zampa by bowling a bit slower and was bowled for 32 off 20 balls. Umar Akmal again failed to deliver when needed in a must win game.

    Afridi came in at 5 and hit a couple of SIXES before he was stumped off Zampa. This might well be the last time we saw Afridi in Pakistani colors. After his dismissal hope was lost by Khalid Latif continued to play his slow innings. Shoaib Malik came in after Afridi and scored 40 unbeaten runs off 20 balls but Pakistan eventually fall short by 21 runs and thus was knocked out of contention.

    This was overall a very poor WC for Pakistan with just one win against Bangladesh and losing against New Zealand, India & Autralia. Pakistan is yet to play Semi final of any ICC event since 2011.
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Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by ASLI-PATHAN, Mar 25, 2016.

    1. Mercenary

      Mercenary The Lone Wolf

      Dec 17, 2009
      Good report AP although I dint agree that Khalid's innings was slow. It was fast enough to get us to 172 which is a very high total for us.

      We gave away too many runs when bowling.
    2. chandtara

      chandtara Mr Cricistan

      Jun 18, 2011
      Bowlers let us down in this must win game. Bottled it under the pressure. Another pathetic showing at a world event. Sadly this is looking like how things will be unless some drastic steps are taken.
    3. CricketFan96

      CricketFan96 Smooth Operator

      Aug 4, 2012
      I remember after the Bangladesh win - everyone including myself were very excited but count on Pakistan to drop hopes.

      Truth is, we sucked in every department.

      The people running the stuff - PCB and our coaches have no brain, stupid..

      Our captain has no intelligence.

      Our batsmen are all rubbish - they all lack passion.

      Our bowlers are all worthless except Amir..

      And our fielders ate lazy, unfit idiots who can't field.

      We deserved to be kicked out. If Pakistan want a bright future - they need a complete overhaul of PCB. Most of our players need to or retire. Otherwise Pakistan will suck like they have done in WT20..
    4. Mercenary

      Mercenary The Lone Wolf

      Dec 17, 2009
      I remember the furore and all the Afridi fans running around saying where are you now, where are you now.

      At the time I said let's not forget that this is still Bangladesh. An improved Bangladesh but it's still Bangladesh.

      I wish I'd been wrong but now 3 games on from the BD match we haven't won a single game against a big team and we've crashed out of the World Cup.
    5. Pakistan97

      Pakistan97 Tracer Bullet

      Sep 7, 2010
      Bowling was really bad by us. Batting was a little bit better tbh.
    6. Fireworks11

      Fireworks11 Kaptaan

      Sep 22, 2012
      Just not good enough. Should have chased this down.

      Although bowlers should have restricted to 170.
    7. Kianig89

      Kianig89 Emerging Player

      Oct 18, 2013
      To sum it up "T20WC 2016" A COLLECTIVE FAILURE

      Wrong selection bad captaincy bizarre batting poor fielding and mediocre bowling we were completely pedestrian
    8. Strength Is Life

      Strength Is Life Talented

      Jun 20, 2012
      Pakistan did play a semi final of an ICC event after 2011.

      2012 T20 World Cup semi final against Sri Lanka which they lost.
    9. anurag_sharma777

      anurag_sharma777 Youngsta Beauty

      Mar 13, 2016
      Sad to see the state of affairs of the game of a team which was once a powerhouse of exceptional cricketers. A strong Pakistan is indeed good for your country as well as for the cricketing world.Without Afridi the X factor has also gone.Why the great of the game are not doing anything to change the situation. Everyone is playing for himself rather than the Team except for Afridi.More than talent it is the question of the Attitude..
    10. Ahson8

      Ahson8 Sultan of Swing

      Jun 9, 2012
      Great write up @ASLI-PATHAN bhai.

      Very disappointing campaign for Pakistan.
    11. saiyan0321

      saiyan0321 Whispering Death

      Oct 5, 2014
      Good write up @ASLI-PATHAN .. Although sami did well in the tournament he was smashed to pieces so I disagree with the seeing him in Pakistan colours.

      However overall I would rate our performance in this world cup as very poor. This was exactly like the CT 2013 campaign except the difference was that we didn't play Bangladesh back then. Very disappointing and demoralizing.
    12. anurag_sharma777

      anurag_sharma777 Youngsta Beauty

      Mar 13, 2016
      When You have nothing to loose You have everything to Win.
    13. Munna

      Munna Moderator-e-Aala

      Oct 4, 2014
      Well written @ASLI-PATHAN

      Pakistan lost a good opportunity in the middle overs after having them at 50 odd for 3 wickets down.

      Where other good teams like New Zealand, West Indies and India have managed to find ways to strangle the batsmen in middle overs, we leaked runs like charity.

      I can't even find bad enough adjectives to describe Afridi's field setting this whole tournament. Singles were on offer for batsmen free of effort and boundary riders were often found at the wrong side of shots .

      In batting, one can understand if one or two of your players are running through a bad form, but in our case the whole batting order was showing sharp contrast in every game.

      There's no way this team is going to get better if a major overhaul is not happening. Coach, selectors, captain, and ttfs... all have to be replaced sooner than Afridi's next statement about delaying his retirement.

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