Pakistan v India - Post Match Analysis

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Victorious Pakistan, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. Victorious Pakistan

    Victorious Pakistan Smooth Operator

    Feb 29, 2012
    Wow were to start.
    I guess we should start with the batting. On a flat pitch with India's bowling we expected our Batsmen to play better then what they have done previously and our openers did just that. Very very good opening stand. Normally we can find faults that we start to slow and don't rotate the strike but today was diffrent, we attacked and did rotate the strike. We certainly got good rewards for such batting Hafeez and Jamshed looked comfortable, and picked the Rubbish Indian bowling at will. We were in a incredibly solid posistion. 224 after 35 overs i think we were. We were bound for 350 and maybe more.
    Then came as we all wanted Umar Akmal, followed by Younis Khan after, Hafeez and Jamshed departed in the Powerplay. Hafeez out with a poor shot. But the openers did wonderfully well. The partnership with Younis khan and Umar Akmal changed things in the middle overs. A lot of people noticed as well as me and pointed out during the game they seem to be picking singles and not trying to find the boundaries. This went on for a 6over period i think. By this time we were only looking at a 330 score as i predicted at the time.
    Also at the time i think it was Passionate Pakistani who told me we got 70 of 10overs. He said i was being far to harsh on the guys. Well was i? With the posistion we was in and wickets in hand was it wrong to say be a bit more aggressive and try and find the boundary each over? Looking back this was a big point in the game and in this period those extra runs if we had played more aggressive could have come in handy.
    And this is why Umar Akmal only scored 28 off 24 Balls, to slow? I guess so. Younis Khan was going at a simular pace but towards the end started to find the boundaries and played a nice Innings. Afridi came in and had a shocker, (Not suprised with his recent 3years in batting). The rest Azam and Misbah just had to come in and play some shots so nothing to be said about them.

    To the bowling now, well we to start. We have relied time and time again on our bowlers. They churn out results for us but today crumbled. There was no spin or swing. Pakistan brough in an extra seamer in replace of our keeper which i wil go into later. Anyway Wahab is what people wanted because of his performance against India a year ago. Yesterday i wrote we should have the same team as Vs Sri Lanka not we should bring in Wahab Passionate Pakistani . Anyway he comes in and bowls utter Garbage like Aizaz Cheema. The bowlers were off it today, and will need vast Improvements for the final. I don't want to fully rip them apart because of how well they have done in recent times but today was appauling.
    Credit were it's due and Kohli smashed Pakistan to bits. A innings everyone even Pakistanis must admit was awesome. His strike rate was never a problem and he made sure that run rate would not be either. He played the spinners well moved them picked the singles and the odd boundaries. The seamers he pummeled hence Wahabs abismal stats. He was very well supported by Sharma and the two of them just rattled along as if they had a train back to Delhi the next hour.
    Im sure Pakistans bowling will be much better in the Final then the joke we saw today. Again Ajmal did ok and Hafeez bowled decently. WIth economy's under 5.50 and that on a batting track, what else did we want from them?.
    Now to the captaincy, with the batting order i think he did it fine i don't have any qualms with that, though at the point when YK and Akmal were batting singles, he should have got a message out saying be that bit more aggressive. Otherwise nothing befalls on him there.
    Team selection, why did we change our team for? We just had a winning team against Sri Lanka. Why did we take out Safraz, did he do something wrong that we are not aware of?. He brings back Wahab and he gets pummeled why did he bring him back? because of one game back in Mohali? He is as inconsistant as it gets. Something which PP pointed out also Yesterday.
    Field placements was appauling, i remember We got Tendulkar out and when Kohli walks in were's the slip? He edges one and no one there, and he goes on to destroy us. Whats the point in putting a slip in when the chance is gone? baffling to say the least. He saves Gul and Ajmal till the end when India are marching along, why not attack and try and get wickets. Why are you trying to save runs on this pitch against this batting?. Hafeez was bowling well but didn't finish his overs. He then goes to bring back Wahab who Kohli couldn't welcome with open arms enough. Again Wahab was dispatched by Kohli, logic Misbah?. The seamers were being hammered yet he persisted.
    I guess this is sufficent enough for the day. Poor captaincy and bowling display cost us. But very exceptional batting by the Indians.
    Wonder what the final will bring. ^^
  2. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    Why were we unable to defend 330 with our bowling line-up? What happened?

    In my opinion the number one reason was Kohli, right now he's unstoppable and in the form of his life. Getting him out on these dead pitches will be a real hard task for any bowling attack.

    As for the Pakistan team, it was a combination (or perhaps comedy) of errors which lead to the defeat.

    The first would be that we went into this game thinking we could intimidate India by bouncing them out of the game. But on a dead pitch like today with no pace off the wicket we were just giving them nice juicy devliveries to send racing to the boundary rope. Plus we were peppering their pads with 'hit me' balls and they obliged

    Over the last few months we've barely used our pace bowlers, Wahab has hardly bowled in half a year. Cheema barely bowls even when he does play and Gul is normally stood around waiting to bowl a few yorkers at the death.

    Somehow our team management had the idea that we could just turn up today and Wahab would bowl like the WC Semi Final and Gul and Cheema would dominate with the new ball despite barely bowling as a pair with the new ball in months.

    Plus one of our 'main bowlers' Afridi, is useless against teams that play spin well and he's really bad against India which he showed today.

    Then we come to the captaincy, or should I say what captaincy?

    No pressure on the batsmen, no slips or close in fileders no attempts to create dot balls, happy to give away sngles and no urgency in the field.

    Well that's what I think but what do you think?
  3. Bouncer

    Bouncer Talented

    Jan 14, 2010


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  4. Passionate Pakistani

    Passionate Pakistani The Don

    Jun 10, 2011
    first of all you cant blame the batsmen.. they already had enough on the board, if you cant defend 330 then you cant 350 either... its as simple as that

    next thing is that we scored about 112 runs in last 15 overs that aslo when we lost 2 quick wickets in first two overs of pp. and looking at the current performance of Pakistan batting and collapses it wasnt surprsing that younis and akmal took an over or two to settle down still we score about 75/80 in last 10 overs.. i dont know how many more you wanted.., may be 100 of last 10 and 150 of last 15?

    the main culprit was misbah.. if you cant attack with 330 on the board.. God knows when will you attack?
    poor rotation of bowlers and breaking rhythm of bowlers when they were bowling well...

    the field placement was shocking.. this guy needs to learn to save singles and take wickets not just let them score singles.. they will hit ultimately anyways..

    afridi form is also a big worry.. he has been poor for quite sometime now. and iam afraid, if he doesnt perform in final then we have to replace him.
  5. sameerM

    sameerM Youngsta Beauty

    Mar 6, 2012
    Bowlin i thought. but then pak batted well so chances were india wud bat good too.

    Good game overall. it happens sometimes. Kohli did extra well thou
    when gambir went i got over confident :(

    i wish all units of the team wud play well all together. then we see

    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

    Apr 26, 2011
    One word- Defensive mindset. It came to haunt us again big time. I had to agree with RapidSnake29 that we didn't score enough after getting 224 in 35 overs. Some of you might be too young but I remember very well that during the 90s Pakistani batting used to score 100 in the last 10 overs on consistent basis. Today we just scored 105 in the last 15 overs with so many wickets in hand.

    Having said that while bowling our field placements were awful. Misbah should have attacked with 2-3 slips and close in fielders with 330 on board. He went defensive too early in the piece which helped the Indian batsmen to settle in there. Whenever you are afraid of defeat you will surely get that.

    Lastly I blame such lifeless pitches as well. I will take a pitch which help both the bowlers and batsmen equally over such dead pitches any day. This was a graveyard for bowlers and paradise for batsmen. Such pitches will kill the game.
  7. taqvi

    taqvi Emerging Player

    Feb 5, 2011
    I totally agree with merc, passionate and rapidsnake, OUR APPROACH IS DEFENSIVE! , Ive been saying this so many times, 330 was a good score, Misbah plays ODIs as Test match, as if the whole day is on us and wickets will gradually fall, No attack, Kohli comes and bring in the fileders but He thought that sooner or later He wil handover his wicket by mistake, No mid on or mid off close , I believe they scored around 70 runs on the same spot over and over again. Afridi's body language looked dull, as if he was in no mood to play, noone of the teammates would come to assist the bowler or support him, There was no agression from anyones end during mis fielding, this is the same team that beat SriLanka 188.

    It seems to me afridi is playing cunning and has stop performing under Misbah's captaincy. Mr Misbah ul **** thought that eventually india will do mistake , IF YOU SET UP ATTACKING FIELD AND THAN GIVE SHORT DELIVERIES IT WILL WORK !! , How hard is that ? but our bowlers jsut kept on bowling liek that, if they wouldve bowled stump to stump, wickets wouldve fallen, again if we wouldve fielded much better and ignored singles which we never did in the previous series England as well We would've won. why is misbah not learning from his mistakes.

    Lastly I think it was meant for india to win, so we can see them in the finals.
  8. WaQaReD!

    WaQaReD! Talented

    Sep 13, 2011
    i wont put any blame on the batsmen - when you have two openers score a century and end up on 329 you should always win. it might be a flat pitch but India had the pressure of chasing a big total under lights against Pakistan their biggest rivals and with the prospect of getting knocked out of the competition. India lost a wicket in the 1st but they STILL somehow managed to win. They batted under enormous pressure.

    I will give credit to Kohli for an outstanding innings but the real reason we lost was
    Aizaz Cheema
    Wahab Riaz
    Umar Gul

    Pakistans seam bowlers bowled a combined 20.5 overs for 175 runs?! that is disgusting reading.
  9. Markhor

    Markhor Talented

    May 9, 2010
    Our bowling was terrible. Too many short-pitched freebies from Gul, Cheema and Riaz. What was irritating was that there was at least one ball at the end of the over which was a 'hit me' ball. Whenever Ajmal kept things tight from his end, the seamers would come on and relieve the pressure. The game plan may have been to pepper the Indian batsmen with short deliveries but they should have just pitched it up. Wahab Riaz was the main culprit, bowling leg-side of the batsmen, conceding wides, no-balls, free hits and was very wayward. Lacks discipline to be a bowler for the national team. Been living off his 5-fer in the World Cup last year vs India.

    Afridi was also poor with the ball, too many long hops from him. We really should have defended 329 but credit to Virat Kohli for an outstanding innings.

    Positive was our 200 opening partnership from Hafeez and Jamshed and an aggressive knock from YK. We are still through to the Asia Cup Final so the chance of silverware remains.
  10. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    I think I am over my sulk for now. I went from being over excited/over confident at the halfway point and the early wicket to feeling pretty gutted at the end of the game. No blame lies with the batsman for me, for once it's shifted over to the bowlers. If you bowl a bad ball you are supposed to learn from your mistake and try not to bowl there again. How many times did we give the chance for Kohli to clip it off his legs? Why were we bowling so short? These guys are supposed to be professionals! They never learn from their mistakes?!
    Another major factor and something that probably stick with us forever is our fielding! Overthrows and no aggression. Even though we racked up 329 it could have been more had it not been from some decent stops by the Indians.
  11. Victorious Pakistan

    Victorious Pakistan Smooth Operator

    Feb 29, 2012
    I agree with you. People think just cause we lost wickets that when we slowed down it was justifyable. With that many wickets in hand and that Rubbish Indian bowling attack on that flat pitch if we kept going we would have easily got 350. It was a point in the game (Akmal and YK got together, i and some others said these guys have slowed down and from looking to get 350+ we are aiming at 330). For the Indians to have pegged us back that gave them confidence.
    Yes our captain was again pathetic, but im not suprised anymore.

    Bowling today was a ..... Don't want to start.

    @ Your point of lifeless, this is how the games been turning for how long? It's turning into a batsmen game now. The best games come on pitches were the bowlers have stuff on offer but in recent times it's hard to find one.
  12. Nadeem

    Nadeem Emerging Player

    Dec 22, 2009
    Can't really analyize game in-depth because I missed it but what was apparent when following the games progress on cricistan and cricinfo was the fact we missed a full time wicket-keeper. Akmal, from what I heard had a horrible game behind the stumps which cost us runs and a wicket? I would've gone for safraz ahead of Hammad.

    Our fast bowlers have been disappointing even during the countless victories last year. we've become over reliant on our spinners and against India who play spin impeccably that's not going to work. The display from our fast bowlers show how much we need a bowling coach.
  13. Passionatelover

    Passionatelover Youngsta Beauty

    Feb 19, 2012
    Good game of Cricket, loads to absorb from and loads of credit to the batsman. Pakistan batted really well but they could have scored upto 350 based on the momentum and start they had but there is loads of ifs and buts which will always be there if things doesn't go right.
    Still struggling to find an answer why Misbah took off Hafeez after giving them a dream start and introducing Wahab in power play 2, who hasn't played for a while and lack of confidence but to all these ifs and buts there was one answer "KOHLI", superb knock.

    ASLI-PATHAN Cricistan Khan

    Apr 26, 2011
  15. Major

    Major Cornered Tiger

    Apr 28, 2010

    Afridi, Wahab, Cheema and Gul were the reason why we lost last night.. Poor bowling by these 4.....
    Kohli was impressive, no doubt..

    But one thing that people are not looking at is the OutField.. WHen Pakistan was batting, the Outfield was quite slow for us.. Many of our boundaries were saved. We could ahve had a total of 350ish, if it wasn't for the slow outfield.

    When India came in to bat, the outfield was slow anymore, and what ever they hit, went to the boundary easily.

    Afridi was just rubbish and mostly is rubbish against team's that could play spin. I'm surprised that no Afridi fan mentioned Afridi, while Misbah was bashed so much in Mohali, for a loss that wasn't fully his fault..... Hypocrates...
    Ajmal himself could have asked for a slip... Doesn't Gul and Ajmal set their own fields up?
    It wasn't the captains fault that our bowlers kept on bowling poor deliveries.....

    Beside, why would you bring in a slip after the batsmen has crossed 100 runs.....

    and even if a slip was bought up, it isn't necessary that Kohli would ahd played like that, would had played differently.....
  16. Major

    Major Cornered Tiger

    Apr 28, 2010
    his fans will continue to be hypocrates... Rubbish bowler against top teams......

    It's funny how no one is blaming him.. Misbah was bashed so much in Mohali(where Afridi was captain) for something that wasn't his fault fully... But when Afridi bowls rubbish agianst India(and other teams) his fans try to ignore it.
  17. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    It comes back to one fact, Misbah makes us believe we can win against impossible odds. It all started in the T20 WC Final where we had given up the game for lost and Misbah just looked like he was having a net session out in the middle.

    Suddenly out of nowhere he started blasting the bowling and bringing the asking rate crashing down. Before we knew it we were one strike away from victory and when Misbah played that fatal shot most of us though he'd done it. We thought we'd won, I even started celebrating.

    Then suddenly Sreesanth's lovely face came beaming onto our screens and the rest is history.

    Even though we lost that match, we saw what Misbah was capable of and we now expect him to do miracles. If he doesnt win a match singlehandedly from impossible odds then the resentment from the T20 WC final surfaces and we blame him but only because with Misbah there is expectation, we think he can win us the match.

    With Afridi nobody expects anything, if he comes off then he's a champion and if he doesn't then he's just Afridi.
  18. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
    That's rubbish. I am no fan of afridi, and certainly not in this form, but he is in the team because of his performance and his value to the team. You folks are the one who are putting him down for his perfomrance against India, whereas even warne wasn't successful against them. He led our bowling in ODI for quite sometime, you were even critical of him when he was performing.
    You talk about Misbah and how high expectations YOU have of him, because he put the last ball into the hands of sreesanth in the T20 worldcup Which We lost by the way, Conveniently forgetting the performance of Afridi in the t20 World Cup that WE WON.

    Funny, you don't even give him the benefit that is entitled to all cricketers that is he is out of form and probably not fully fit. 7000+ runs in ODI and 343 wickets may not be enough for you, but it pretty much warrants a place for him in any ODI team of the world
  19. Major

    Major Cornered Tiger

    Apr 28, 2010
    ^ you talk about 7000+ runs in ODI LOL..... Average of 24....... Even Farhat could score that many runs in that many games... Probably with a better average....... And what is Afridi's bowling average? 33 i guess.....

    Bowling average of 60 against England... Don't know after that performance how could 1 warrant a place...
  20. 1137moiz

    1137moiz Tracer Bullet

    Jun 30, 2011
    1) A stunning Kohli knock, simply fantastic

    2) Horrible pace spells, poor captaincy

    ASLI-PATHAN I agree that Pakistan have been accustomed to blasting 100+ off the last 10 overs but when Pakistan scores 330 you expect to win with our attack normally. Also Younus and Umar did quite well at the finish, it was just in the last 5 overs I suppose with Afridi, Misbah and Hammad coming and going that Pakistan stuttered. Even so it just showed up how unreliable the seamers have become. Ajmal was unfortunate, Hafeez bowled well, Afridi was sub-par, but I was disappointed with Misbah's captaincy (and I'm a huge fan of Misbah btw shahrukh619 and Mercenary). The bowling changes bordered on the absurd, the field positions were reactive and I wonder why he didn't give Hammad a bowl. I accept that when your frontline seamers are getting bashed then it's hard to entrust overs to Hammad, but at the same time even backup bowlers can get the occasional timely breakthrough.
  21. 1137moiz

    1137moiz Tracer Bullet

    Jun 30, 2011

    Generally one gives more leeway to veteran performers which is fair imho, I wish they'd extend that courtesy to lads like Hammad and Shafiq as well though.

    I don't mind Afridi's record tbh...he's not a superstar like many say he is (and again it's not his fault he's popular) but it's a fair nuff record for a chap who performs a shock hitter role and leg-spinner. Nothing wrong with an average of 33 with the ball for an allrounder, they tend to be in the early 30s anyway, especially spinners. Nothing wrong with that 24 average as long as Afridi is playing down the order either. The issue is Pakistan rely much more heavily than nearly any other team (apart from maybe New Zealand, and the Saffers of the 1997-2007 vintage) for the late-order to rescue them. The only issue is that while most allrounders of Afridi's role do try and keep their heads down according to the situation, people don't mind if Afridi gets out to a brainless slog which gets on my nerve because he's one of the more talented allrounders out there and should apply himself.

    Anyway yesterday everybody except Jamshed, Hafeez, Younus and Ajmal were poor so no real point in agonizing over it
  22. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    And that's an achievement? Really?

    He has been an opening batsman and a middle to lower middle order batsman from day dot. He has played 341 games to get those 7,000 runs.

    To put things into perspective even players (with over 300 games) who were bowlers from the start have scored thousands of runs. Pollock has Over 3500 runs in fewer innings and a better average by 3 runs. Vaas has only batted 70% of the number of innings that Afridi has but he has scored 30% of Afridis total and thats from a tailenders slot.

    Imagine if Vaas or Pollock had opened the innings for over 300 games, they would have 10,000 runs and still have around a hundred more wickets each for the same number of games.

    If u give a player 341 games, then of course he will get a massive number of runs and wickets. What's remarkable about that?

    To put this in perspective, even Murali has 674 runs and he's only batted half the innings that Afridi has and Murali batted at 10 or 11.
  23. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    Just to add. Sehwag, Ganguly, Yuvraj, Astle, Saleem Malik, Viv Richards, Grant Flower and apna Aamir Sohail have around 100 wickets.

    Gayle and Sachin have 150!!

    Imagine if these guys had got 10 overs Every game when it was easy to bowl during the middle overs.
  24. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
    Its funny the way you put it, case of partial amnesia or disappointment of not being able to see a certain "Malik". You play for that long in Pakistani cricket team when you are worth it, otherwise we have seen the back of many folks. Misbah is eulogized for that mishit, which lost us the T20 finals, his outstanding role in the Semi-finals of the world cup where he had the gall to raise his bat on completing his fifty after he had ENSURED that we loose the match.

    Yet you don't give credit for Afridi for the role he played in T20 World cup, a World Cup that we WON. You also conveniently forget that he led a shattered side to the Semi-finals of the World Cup not long ago. And got there by beating teams like Srilanka, Australia.

    And the middle overs easy to get wickets for the bowler. You got to be kidding me. Why does power-plays generally lead to problems for the batting side especially the batting power-play. With the fielders in, the batsman generally perishes due to his wrong selection of SHOT and to a lesser extent the prowess of the bowler. Whereas in the middle overs, the batsman decides to play it safe, striking the odd boundary and getting the scorecard running, and setting up the tone of the match. Most of the knowledgeable folks concede that Middle overs of the game is where generally a game is set or broken. So getting wickets in those middle overs is CRUCIAL And then there are overs to be bowled and wickets to be taken, which Afridi takes, and you seemingly resent the fact.

    And i'd like to see you say that the following record isn't an achievement and that too with a straight face. 8th highest wicket taker in ODI. 3rd Highest wicket taker in ODI from Pakistan. 6th Highest run getter for Pakistan in ODI.

    Go figure
  25. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
    Sorry to burst your bubble, why didn't they get more wickets.. Why weren't they bowled more in the middle Overs, the overs where according to you it's child-play to bowl, and anybody could have got 343 wickets by just turning their arm around.
  26. Mercenary

    Mercenary The Lone Wolf

    Dec 17, 2009
    Are you just quoting numbers or do you know who's on thos lists and how many games they've played at what averages in comparison? There are only two people above Afridi who have more games and they are Wasim and Murali who have about a dozen more games but, wait for it, they have couple of hundred wickets more EACH!!

    Quite simply because they were good enough at one of the two disciplines. Even Miandad used to bowl when he first joined the team but they realised his potential with the bat and he concentrated on his batting. More recent examples for Pakistan are Azhar Ali who started as a legspinner and now bats at 3, he doesn't even bowl in the majority of games and if he does he gets an over or two. Even the much hated Malik held down his place as a pure batsman when he was banned from bowling!

    If there were no minnows, Afridi wouldnt be playing because his figures would show what he's really been achieving and we would have someone more useful. At the end of the day if you give most players 340 games and then let them open the innings and bowl 10 overs in the middle they will end up with far superior records.

    I know that because a lot have got close enough whilst batting as tailenders or bowling as part-timers!!
  27. Bilal123

    Bilal123 Tracer Bullet

    Dec 11, 2010
    I would blame the slow batting in last 10 overs (considering the position Pak was in)
    Akmal fumbles and overthrows (shouldn't have been a keeper in the first place),
    Terrible captaincy in rotating bowlers and field placings
    Bad bowling by Riaz and Cheema
  28. zeenix

    zeenix Administrator

    Dec 17, 2009
    yeah but they never opened the batting nor they were asked to open. So they were on the money right from the start. On the other hand, just like Pakistan is, Afridi was tried and tested in different roles. Due to Jaysuriya/Kalu dominant role, he was opening so that he could hit the ball as far as he could, yes that's right. A pinch hitter. And as far as your resentment of the fact that he got to play so many games, well how many "untalented" cricketers got to play for Pakistan for that long a period. Surely but you are not indicating that the 24 times that he has been awarded man of the match in his career, second among Pakistani's had nothing to do with his being selected, And if my memory serves me correct, he is the Leading Wicket Taker in t20.

    You might rue the fact that he played for so long, but he did, and that itself shows you the value of a player in the team. Inzi wasn't that great against the Aussies, or South Africa Miandad against the WI.
  29. karachigirl

    karachigirl Tracer Bullet

    Sep 6, 2011
    I’ll put it down:
    It was uncharteritic captaining by Misbah (he was reckless the way he used the fast bowlers).
    1) I disagree with Sarfraz Nawaz. Misbah should have continued with Hafeez in the beginning overs.
    2) Instead of giving useless advice to Wahab, Umar Gul should have been bowling yorkers instead of short balls.
    3) Riaz Wahab should not play the next match.
    4) Afridi is not performing in bowling or bating but I think we should continue with him. But his body language is very negative ( it seesm he is sufffering from sour grapes as he is no longer captain) .
    5) It is criminal not give slip(s) to Ajmal.
    6) We need a professional wicket keeper.
    7) Keep it simple. Alot 30 overs to spinners , 20 overs to fast / part-timers.
    Don’t go in with more than 2 fast bowlers.
    Just get the basics right and we will win the next match…
    We are a better team on balance.
  30. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman Smooth Operator

    Jun 12, 2011
    These guys are not built like the guys of old they have no spines....
  31. cricfreak

    cricfreak Emerging Player

    Jul 6, 2010
    i think our main problem is new ball bowlers .. they just dont know how to use the new ball !! since aamir and asif have gone , our new ball pair has struggled big tyme .. umer gul is strictly ok bowler ... hes in the team because we dont have anyone else .. cheema is too predictable .. and i wonder who told our bowlers to ball short ,,, they did that thru out the match ,,, and even with the body language of the fielders in the first 15 overs ,,, u cud feel tht our boys thought that they had enuff on d board ..

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