Playing club cricket with Aleem Dar

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

Playing club cricket with Aleem Dar

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

by Abdul Habib
Jan 18, 2010 at 9:45 PM
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    I just got off the phone to Irfan a few hours ago and he's very happy with his progress so far. There's been interest from the Multan Tigers for him to represent them in the T20 domestic tournament and there are even rumours that he might get to play in one of the T20 side games. However he's been blocked from playing for Multan and is very unlikely to play any of the warmup games because his coaches want to (sensibly) stick to their original plan and debut him in the upcoming first class season in October.

    The main reason being that he isn't strong enough physically at this point in time and not refined enough as a bowler for him to be thrown in at the deep end. It seems that within the chaotic and uniformly disorganized world of the PCB, there are some people who can think long term!

    I asked Irfan about Talha's progress and Irfan said that Talha and himself are both doing a lot of strength training simply because they need more muscle on their lean frames. He reassured me that they weren't being turned into bodybuilders, just that they needed more strength and power in their frames. They bowl all morning and then concentrate on strength training in the afternoons.

    When discussing Talha's action Irfan said that Aqib, Aamir and the other coaches at the NCA had sat down to do a frame by frame analysis of Talha's action. It's been identified that Talha pauses about 3 steps from the crease and leans back losing his momentum which results in a jerky action. This has now been smoothed out and Talha says he feels far more comfortable since implementing the changes.

    With Irfan himself there is work being done on getting his left arm higher on delivery and better use of the right arm to add momentum to his action. Irfan plays for Lahore's PNT club and they're taking part in a one day tournament at the moment. Abdul Razzaq is PNT's captain, Imran Nazir is one of the openers and Mohammad Khalil also plays for PNT.

    On Monday they played against a team from Gujranwala, Razzaq didnt take part in that game. The Gujranwala club batted first and put up a total of around 230 and Irfan had a very good game taking 3/30-ish in around 8 overs. PNT chased down the total quite easily with Imran Nazir bludgeoning around 60 runs peppered with sixes.

    Their next game was against a team from Sheikhpura and took place the next day on Tuesday. It saw the return of Razzaq as well as a player at number 4 called Aleem Dar whom Irfan describes as a very good right handed batsman. Now if you're wondering whether this is Aleem Dar the international umpire then you would be right!! It turns out that Aleem Dar plays for PNT club in Lahore when he's available and is a very credible batsman too.

    PNT club batted first with Imran Nazir racking up a rapid 80-odd runs including smashing some poor bowler for around 25 runs in an over. Razzaq wasnt far behind with around 55 runs of his own but unfortunately Aleem Dar was run out for 4 before he could get going. Irfan himself had a good day with the bat smashing 25 quickfire runs including 2 sixes and a boundary taking PNT's total to around 270.

    In bowling Razzaq bowled a very tight 6 over spell taking 2/10 and Irfan himself bowled 7 overs taking 2/20-odd. PNT won the match by some margin and are now through to the semi-finals.
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Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mercenary, Jan 18, 2010.

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