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    Jun 18, 2011
    Bazid Khan says Qalandars need to change coach, captain

    DUBAI: Former test batsman and cricket commentator Bazid Khan termed Pakistan Super League as a stepping stone for young cricketers which fast-forwards their journey to the national squad.

    Talking exclusively to Geo.tv, Bazid who represented Pakistan in one test and five ODIs between 2004 and 2008, added the third edition of Pakistan Super League shows that we have also improved our standards of fielding.

    “Level of competition in PSL has increased and the thing that stood out during the third edition of PSL is fielding, 90% catches were taken which is better than all other leagues of the world. This shows that we have improved our standards of fielding which is also directly linked with fitness,” said Khan.

    “If you want to play limited over cricket then you’ve to be best in the fielding and PSL has helped us improved fielding standards, I haven’t seen this level of fielding in any other tournament in Pakistan so this is a very good sign for Pakistan that our fielding level is matching the international standards,” the 36 year old former batsman, now commentator added.

    Talking about the performance of Lahore Qalandars, Bazid – who is now a permanent feature in PSL’s commentary team – said the theory of Brendon isn’t working for Qalandars and it is the high time for the management to change the leadership of the team.

    “Lahore Qalandars has only one problem. They trust Baz, we agree but his theory didn’t work and when your theory doesn’t work then the management steps in to change things. LQ has lost every match in a similar manner and repeated the mistakes. You can’t recover in T20 after a collapse, even in last matches, LQ looked nervous while chasing. Brendon’s style of cricket is very demanding and players who are at developing stage can’t carry that out,” he said.

    “Lahore Qalandars need the change in team management, team coaching, and team captain, because if they don’t make the change then I don’t think there will be any change in their results in future,” he noted.

    Separately, he mentioned how the league brought players like Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, and Fahar Zaman to limelight in past and hoped that it will continue to do so in this season and also in future.

    “It is also stepping stone for players, it fast forwards the journey of players to the national squad. You have seen how impactful just one spell of Shaheen Shah Afridi was, leg-spinner Ibtisam Sheikh has also been impressive. We have seen in previous editions that Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali and Fakhar Zaman came forward, this platform has doubled the speed of journey to Pakistan team for these players,” he highlighted.

    “Ibtisam, Shaheen Shah Afridi are young and need time but they have shown that they have got the potential to play international level. Shadab also gets quick exposure. These players have got the stepping stone and if they continue to work like this then there is no doubt that they will be representing Pakistan,” Bazid added.

    He said that the best part is that the players get to play under pressure conditions in PSL which they usually don’t get in other domestic matches at home. TV coverage, crowds in stadium gives them exposure to players.

    Another great opportunity for players in PSL, according to Bazid, is the opportunity to share the dressing room with stalwarts like Viv Richards.

    “These players are very lucky to be sharing the dressing room with legends like Viv Richards. Before PSL, no player would have even thought of getting tips from Viv but PSL has made it possible for them. Imagine if Viv saying to a junior player ‘well done’ then he’ll get self-belief and it will give the player more courage to do more. There are Wasim and Waqar as well to motivate players in different dugouts. Along with them Kumar Sangakkara, McCullum, Pietersen are also a big name to make these players feel confident. This also enhances your career skills,” he said.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    McCullum breaks silence on what went wrong for Qalandars in PSL3

    DUBAI: After six consecutive defeat and being knocked out of the race to play-offs of the Pakistan Super League, the team Lahore Qalandars finally appears to have wakened up as they won two matches back to back.

    But, it’s too late for them.

    However, for Brendon McCullum, the captain of Lahore Qalandars, it is important to win remaining two games and stay focused.

    The New Zealander spoke to Geo.tv after Qalandars win against Karachi Kings in the one-over eliminator and he spoke his heart out on what went wrong in earlier games, how he thought of leaving captaincy and handling Umar Akmal.

    “We probably should have won through those games if we had been honest in those crunch moments. We lost those key moments, if we could have won them, we could have won the three of the first six,” he said.

    “It was very disappointing,” he said while sharing his frustration over losing first six games.

    The former Kiwi captain said that what frustrated him the most was not the results but lack of application at times.

    “I don’t mind losing too much but make it hard to beat. Play with as much passion and pride as you can, if the opposition is good enough to beat, then fair enough, but there were times there were questions on how big our application was,” he highlighted.

    He also confirmed that he thought of leaving the captaincy and when he made players realised that he was ready to do so, the players responded and stood up for the team.

    “When you are captain of the team you are judged based on the result. Even though if you are the best person for the job but if you are not able to reach the guys who you are meant to be leading and inspire them to perform better. I think mentioning that was very rare for everyone of that, then once the guys realized that I was prepared to that as well, the guys started to look how they can help the team,” Brendon mentioned.

    “I am very humbled by the confidence shown in me by Sameen and Fawad, Aqib and the senior players,” he said on the support he got from the management of Lahore Qalandars.

    McCullum is now focused on Lahore’s remaining two games and want to win them to finish the tournament on a positive note for Lahore fans.

    “I want to focus on the two games we have left now. If you look at our squad its probably lacking a bit of star quality but it is the team desperate to play for one another and what we saw today obviously Agha Salman, Sohail Khan, Sohail Akhtar standing up was just symbolic of what we want to be known for, means too much for the people of Lahore,” said the captain of Lahore Qalandars.

    He also spoke highly of Agha Salman and termed him a guy who he would look forward to in future.

    “He is very calm and you look him into the eye and no matter how much pressure is on, he looks very very relax and very calm. He has got a big future and he will get opportunities. He will get opportunities for us that’s why we are batting him further up in the order cause I like what he has got. We like his presence. This is the guy who we can look for in the future,” he said.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Qalandars’ flop show in PSL is sheer bad luck, says owner Fawad Rana

    THOSE who donot know Fawad Naeem Rana personally will not be able to fathom that the very popular owner of Pakistan Super League franchise Lahore Qalandars is an individual with tremendous love for sports with cricket very close to his heart.

    Fawad — often referred to as Rana Fawad in the cricketing circles but famously renowned for his unstoppable verbal rendering of Lahore team catchphrase ‘Dama Dam Mast Qalandar’ — is the managing director of Qatar Lubricants Company Limited that bought the Lahore franchise in December 2015 at the cost of $24 million for a 10-year period, which then was the second-most expensive PSL team after Karachi Kings ($26 million).

    The first thing Fawad revealed was the second name Qalandars for the Lahore team was chosen by his mother.

    “I was confused when it came to deciding what the Lahore franchise should be called. The names suggested were many. One said ‘Lahore Sherdils’, another plumbed for ‘Lahore Lions’ but ultimately my mother insisted that it should be Lahore Qalandars only. And because I have tremendous respects and profound love for my mother, I finalized this name for the franchise,” he recalled.

    “It is small tribute to all mothers because they are the utmost self-effacing creation on the earth. To me personally, nomenclatures such as Daredevils, Thunders, Sixers, Outlaws, Cobras or Volts etc do not give cricket its due representation because it is a beautiful sport.

    “Qalandar is a spiritual name which is generally about being self-sacrificing and generous. We shouldn’t forget our mothers have given Pakistan thousands and thousands of wonderful people in every sphere of life and I were to name the cricketers then the list would be endless. So this is purely dedicated to my mother, your mother and all the mothers,” he emphasized with a broad smile.

    Despite boasting big names, the franchise finished at the bottom of the pile in the first two editions when five teams competed. This time, though, it was generally assumed that Lahore would put up a better performance but it was not to be.

    Now consigned to play for pride than anything else in their remaining two fixtures after getting knocked out of the playoff race for third season in a row, Qalandars are in a quandary. But to his credit, Fawad isn’t disheartened by what has transpired over the past three weeks of the competition, both in Dubai and Sharjah.

    Lahore lost six games to begin with in this edition before making a belated comeback by winning — against Multan and Karachi — and giving Fawad something to cheer about.

    “Obviously, you may say that I’m upset or something like that because of the defeats Lahore faced in those matches. But winning always make you happy even though we are no longer competing for the playoffs, I do celebrate with zeal and dynamism when my Lahore team wins,” Fawad told Dawn in an exclusive interview at the team’s hotel in downtown Dubai the other day.

    When asked to explain the causes behind Lahore’s disastrous run of poor results, Fawad refused to point a finger at anyone and termed it as sheer bad luck.

    “In fact, I tell you a story. When we bought the team I wanted Azhar Ali [then leading the ODI side] to be our captain because being the Pakistan skipper I felt pride in bringing him in the role. But, unfortunately, he couldn’t deliver and we ended up last. Then I went to meet Shaharyar Mohammad Khan, who was PCB chairman at the time, and asked him straightaway ‘sir, do we have the talent ’. He responded by questioning me: ‘what are you talking about’ and said Pakistan is blessed with abundance of cricket talent. I then asked him why do have to wait for five or six years for an exceptional player to emerge on the horizon. Shaharyar sahib couldn’t come up with an appropriate answer to satisfy me,” said Fawad.

    Before that I was asked on a TV interview why I get extremely emotional and start crying whenever Lahore lose? To tell you the truth I am very passionate about the game and decided that something had to be done to bring the youth of our region together.

    “As you know we started the development program to unearth the cricketing talent across Punjab and extended it further to Layyah and Azad Kashmir. Not only this, we offered incentives by sending a few of the very talented players to Australia where played club cricket and also received advanced coaching.

    “In the first year [2016] we went to eight districts from where 113,000 young cricketers came to try their luck and after conducting trials we shortlisted them. Not only that we went to far-flung areas to clean up the grounds and uplifted them and built academies for the young kids to develop love for the game.

    “And then after meeting several known names of Pakistan cricket, we decided to bring in [former player and coach] Aaqib Javed, who I must say is a very dedicated and sincere man. Furthermore, we approached the ICC to release Mudassar Nazar, who was based at the ICC Global Academy. But the PCB then requested us that they wanted him to head the NCA.

    “We made Aaqib our team director and head coach. Believe me, I’m amazed by his work ethics and the efforts he’s putting in to make Lahore a competitive unit. The results may suggest a depressing story but I have complete faith in the team management we have got at the moment.

    “Even when Brendon McCullum offered to resign as captain, I told him there’s no way I want him to quit just because the team is losing constantly.

    “My philosophy is not to be disrespectable to anyone and that’s why the entire team has great regard for Umar Akmal [who had grossly underperformed with just a meagre return of 57 runs] who was left out from the last two matches. And by asking a Pakistan player to be in the squad of 15 during a game is something I won’t encourage.

    “Umar may not have had a great tournament but I still believe that we must respect him and the best way is to do is let him stay at the hotel rather ask him to sit on the bench as reserve player. His family is also here and I feel he deserves some privacy,” Fawad concluded.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Want to end tournament on high: Zaman

    Lahore Qalandars’ vice-captain Fakhar Zaman says team wants to win the remaining matches to end the tournament on a high.

    “We failed to the momentum at the right time, but now, as we have found it, so I want us to win the remaining two matches and end the tournament on a high,” said Zaman. “Our young guns are performing now and the seniors are also in form, including myself, and that is why we are bagging wins against tough teams.”

    Zaman continued by promising to not let Quetta lose on Wednesday. “Quetta is one of the toughest teams every season and they have been performing well this time around too, but now we don’t want to let any team lose and want to win every remaining match,” he said

  5. Fawad

    Fawad Sultan of Swing

    Sep 1, 2010
    Maybe they need more practice matches before next PSL to get the team balance right.
  6. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Qalandars weren’t playing smart cricket, lacked intensity in earlier matches, says Devcich

    SHARJAH: Lahore Qalandars opener Anton Devcich said that the reason behind team’s failure to get the desired results in earlier matches was because the team did not play ‘smart cricket’ and it was lacking the required intensity.

    Speaking exclusively to Geo.tv, the Kiwi batsman said “as a squad, we all feel the pain of losses and we don’t play as we should. We had a few teething problems which we seem to have found out now. Hopefully, Lahore people realize what team they have got now.”

    Qalandars won their game against Quetta Gladiators by 17 runs in the match held at Sharjah on Thursday.

    Devcich added that as a unit, the Qalandars were not fielding well as a unit in the earlier matches, and he tried to fill the gaps which the team was missing.

    “There were small things which the guys were not doing right. I tried to bring in a little bit of energy, intensity and all now it seems that the guys are on board and doing all the right things,” he added. “We lost five straight games and it was not through lack of preparations or trying but there were just a few little things that we needed to get right.”

    The Kiwi player called the Pakistan Super League as ‘one of the best’ and said that the conditions in the tournament are strictly competitive for Aussie, Kiwi and South African players.

    “The quality of overseas player is exceptional,. The local talent playing in the tournament from the talent hunt programme is outstanding,” he noted.

    Devchic said that he expects that the PSL will do the same to the Pakistan cricket, what Indian Premier League did to the Indian national team. He credited the t20 league for improving the fielding standards of the Indian team.

    “The Indian team has become one of the best fielding team in the world now and that’s on the back of IPL,” he said.

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Zaman, the shining light for Lahore Qalandars

    It was not quite the soldier's fatigues but the dash of fluorescent green of the Lahore Qalandars' jersey may have felt like one for Fakhar Zaman.

    Nicknamed the 'Fauji,' which means 'soldier,' the former Navy man unleashed a brutal yet clinical assault on the Quetta Gladiators bowling attack at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium on Wednesday night.

    And a first century in this edition of the HBL Pakistan Super League (PSL) and only the second in the tournament's history, was there for the taking for the southpaw.

    Opener Zaman, though, fell short by six runs but his 94 aced the previous best of 90 not out scored by Quetta Gladiators' Shane Watson against the Karachi Kings.

    Zaman's stellar innings proved to be the highlight in what was an inconsequential fixture. The Quetta Gladiators had already booked their ticket for the play-offs, while the slow-burning Lahore Qalandars, rooted at the bottom of the table, were playing for pride.

    And pride, Zaman did give, with that epic knock and it was enough to fire up the Lahore Qalandars.

    For the record, the Lahore Qalandars beat the Quetta Gladiators by 17 runs for their third win in nine games.

    The Lahore Qalandars were two for 53 and then three down for 73 after being told to have the first go on the surface. And it was all building up towards another one of their epic collapses.

    But Zaman and Gulraiz Sadaf put their heads down and gave the ideal riposte. Zaman's epic cast the mind back to the ICC Champions Trophy final at The Oval, where he dismantled Virat Kohli's India with a classic 114, his maiden ODI ton.

    Zaman brought up his half-century, his first in this edition, from 36 balls, with five boundaries and two sixes.

    Qalandars were 88 for three then with 12 overs gone and then Zaman stepped on the pedal, treating Mir Hamza with disdain. Zaman smacked a six and a boundary off successive balls from the medium and then finished it off with another boundary off the penultimate ball of the 13th over.

    There was more to come as Zaman smoked Rahat Ali for three sixes and a boundary as 24 runs came from the 15th over.

    Having moved to 94, Zaman went for broke but could only manage to shove Anwar Ali down Hasan Khan's throat at long-off.

  8. s_h_a_f

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    Dec 26, 2011
    Lahore on fire! It’s sad that they were not able to replicate this form earlier.
  9. Mohsin

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Now they should know...get rid of Akmal for PSL4. He is poison.

    Also Devchich was a good signing, should get him for entire tournament. Also get a 'anchor' batsman who can rotate the strike and not give is wicket away (like we have JP Duminy) and a decent fast bowler, theyll carry on where theyve left off now.
  10. chandtara

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    Jun 18, 2011
    If any of your overseas players want to travel to Pakistan and taste the knockout stages, Quetta are willing to give you this opportunity. Just saying!
  11. Mohsin

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    Feb 21, 2010
    "Inn dono bhaiyo ne mera jeena haraam kar dia hai"

  12. Munna

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    Oct 4, 2014
    @Mohsin as usual plagiarizing jokes off the social media just to get cheap ratings here.
  13. Mohsin

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Kyun, mainay apna naam iss ke saath milaya tha kia? Did i say ima copyright the joke?
  14. iho

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    Aug 7, 2010
    They played un smart cricket today as well, thanks to their dumb captain.
  15. Phenom

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    Aug 23, 2017
    We need a Deccan Chargers like overhaul.
    First of all get rid of Aquib Javed.Appoint a coach who understands the game well,is tactically strong,most importantly has vision to take the team forward.Make Fakhar Zaman the captain.Next season only Fakhar,Bazz,Shaheen,Narine should be retained.
    May be change the name of the franchise as well.
  16. iho

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Baz is not needed. He is expensive player. Better to get some consistent international performer like Duminy
  17. chandtara

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    Jun 18, 2011
    Players’ absence hurt Lahore, says Aqib Javed

    Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchise Lahore Qalandars’ head coach and director cricket Aqib Javed has said that the absence of Chris Lynn and Angelo Mathews hurt their plans in the third edition.

    Javed, while talking to ESPNcricinfo in a video interview, said Lahore picked a strong team in the draft which would’ve helped them do wonders in PSL3.

    “It is quite frustrating You need to win five or six matches to qualify for the next round in any tournament. But if you lose the first six matches on the trot, it is very disappointing,” said Javed while talking about the Lahore’s dismal start of the tournament.

    “A lot of things changed from the time the draft took place till the start of the tournament, he added. “We were depending a lot on the big players. We lost Lynn and Mathews, then unfortunately Cameron Delport’s mother passed away. Such players are important for the team. They are match-winners and that is why you pick them in the higher platinum category.”

    He continued by saying that their replacement selections were not as good as their initial picks.

    “So when your preferred players are not coming, you get to pick players in the replacement draft. And it’s understandable that you won’t get a like-for-like replacement for the platinum players and you have to go to the gold or silver category. This has been one of the biggest loss for us,” he said.

    Aqib then laid his plan out which they had made while picking players for the third edition of the PSL.

    “According to the draft picks, we had a really strong team,” he revealed. “We had two Pakistanis who are very good in this format. Four overseas batting options were also outstanding. Sunil Narine is very good and he showed that last year. And then we had Brendon, Lynn and Mathews, so if you have such good top six batsmen then you need a Sohail Akhtar kind of all-rounder at number seven. Then the idea was that Umar will keep for us. So if you don’t get both these options [Lynn and Mathews] all our plans fell apart.

    Lahore, after six consecutive defeats, came back strong and bagged three victories against Multan Sultans, Karachi Kings and Quetta Gladiators, but Aqib believes a few earlier matches should have gone in their favour too.

    “There were a few close matches which could’ve ended in our favour. In the first game, we had a huge batting collapse where we lost seven wickets for five runs. We should have won that game,” he explained.

    “There were few others as well, like the Super Over game [against Islamabad] which could’ve gone either way. We dropped Russell and the ball went for six, so that was a huge turnaround.”

    On Lahore’s comeback

    Aqib thinks Lahore showed true character by not letting their heads fall even when they had nothing to gain from the remainder of the four matches.

    “After losing those six games, it was tough. You can actually see how the team management and the captain keep everyone together and create hope amongst the team. They motivate the team to play for their pride and play their best,” he said.

    “You can see how we won the last two games; the Lahore-Karachi game has been one of PSL’s best games ever. So, when you are focused you can turn things around.”

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    Jun 18, 2011
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  19. iZeeshan

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    May 22, 2012
    They should definitely make Fakhar captain and get a middle order batsman. Batting is way too weak. Also release UA and get a proper keeper.
  20. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Qalandars’ Fawad Rana conferred with ‘Pride of Lahore’ award

    KARACHI: Lahore Qalandars may not have won any PSL editions so far, but the franchise has managed to win many hearts with its on- and off-the-field efforts for cricket’s development in the country.

    In acknowledgement of Lahore Qalandars’ developmental efforts, Fawad Rana – the chairman of the franchise – has been conferred with the ‘Pride of Lahore Achievement’ award by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

    In a ceremony held in Lahore on Sunday, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi presented Rana with a medal and a glittering emblem of Minar-e-Pakistan.

    Qalandars’ head coach Aqib Javed was also awarded a special medal for his services.

    An earlier letter from Secretary General of LCCI, addressed to Fawad Rana, stated that “this is a sign of your commitment towards the development of the nation.”

    The Qalandars chairman expressed his delight at being presented with the ‘Pride of Lahore’ award.

    “It’s a great honour for me to be receiving this award. I hope I continue to work towards the betterment of my country in the years to come,” he said after receiving the award.

  21. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Qalandars’ owner vows to form better team for PSL-4

    LAHORE - Lahore Qalandars owner Fawad Rana has said that they will form better team for the next edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and hopefully, they will deliver and win.

    Speaking at a programme ‘Guest of SJAL’ here at National Hockey Stadium on Monday, Fawad said: “Winning or losing is a part of game but we will learn from out mistake and try to perform well in the next edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL).”

    He said that despite a series of losses in the PSL editions, they are still hopeful of delivering in the upcoming edition. “Although we couldn’t do well during the different editions of the PSL, but we succeeded in providing five to six players to national team, who excelled in different formats of the game and recently, they have performing well against Ireland as well. We will continue hunting fresh talent for not only our franchise, but also provide the country promising players, who will prove bright future for it.”

    Fawad, who recently won ‘Pride of Lahore award’, has said that he is a true Lahori and loves to serve it in any capacity. “Lahore is a city of culture, gardens, saints and many artists, who earned great respect throughout the world. I always respect Lahori people and I will always keep on serving it.” The Qalandars’ owner termed hosting PSL semifinals and final in Pakistan a great step towards bringing full-fledged international cricket to the country.

    “I hope after playoffs and PSL-3 final in Pakistan, the country will host the entire league in different cities while top international cricketers will be part of it.”

  22. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Jazz Rising Star Cricket Tournament is Back – Trials for PSL 4 to Start in June

    The trials of Jazz Rising Star Cricket Tournament will be held from June 27 to August 18. Trials will be held in 8 different cities of Pakistan including FATA. All players in the age group 15-23 can be part of this cricket talent hunt program in Pakistan. The program has three stages talent hunt, tournament and finally the development academy phase. Initially, 300 players are selected who are then shortlisted to 16 potential candidates.

    In 2017, Jazz Rising Star took trials to Azad Jammu Kashmir and found a fresh new talent Salman Arshad who proved himself in the third edition of PSL.

    The aim of Jazz Rising Star is to give an opportunity to the young talent of Pakistan and to provide them a platform where they can show their skills & cricketing ability to the world. A chance to bring new cricketing talent from the streets of Punjab and give the right guidance to the passionate cricket street players from all over the province.

    Though Lahore Qalandars were not able to perform at all in PSL 3 and remained at the last spot, the management still found new talent through Jazz Rising Star like Shaheen Shah Afridi and Salman Arshad.

    Once Lahore Qalandars is done with the trials, they will select 16 players who will play internationally and groom their talent.

    In 2017 the 16 players that were selected were sent to Australia. In Australia, they played against Hobart Hurricanes, Sydney Thunders, and Sydney Sixers.

  23. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Buoyant Lahore Qalandars unveil elaborate talent hunt programme

    LAHORE: Lahore Qalandars (LQ), which finished at the bottom in all the three seasons of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) came out with another hectic preparations programme with claims that it will show better results in the fourth edition, to be held in 2019.

    Head coach of Qalandars , former pacer Aaqib Javed while announcing the preparation programme at a joint press conference with owner and chairman Rana Fawad, mentor Shoaib Akhtar and advisor and current chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq said that now the main areas of focus to pick the players were Gilgit, Azad Kashmir and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

    He said a new idea has also been floated in order to expand the base of the selection of players by providing an opportunity to all the Pakistani cricketers living abroad as a separate team with the name of “Perdesi Rising” which would also play in an eight-team tournament very soon.

    All the willing and available foreign players will send their videos carrying their skills in bowling, batting and fielding departments. Best 50 of them would be selected to appear in the trials in Lahore and to get a place in the Perdesi Rising team to take part in the eight-team tournament which would start in August.

    Seven other teams which will take part in that tournament are Gilgit, Azad Jammu Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (including Fata), Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore. The selectors will go to these areas to pick up the teams.

    Aaqib admitted that the performance of the LQ has not been encouraging in the PSL but his team was not disheartened and it would try its level best to raise a formidable team for the fourth editon.

    Asked why no team from the South Punjab was included in the programme, Aqib said last time the main emphasis was South Punjab but now it had been switched to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgat and Azad Jammu Kashmir.

    Inzamam said such kind of activities would help the talented players to come into the national radar and it is a huge exercise to pick the final team for the PSL after extensive programme. He said wins and losses were the part of the game but the determination to get the goal was much important.

    Shoaib also admitted that the performance of the LQ was not satisfactory but the way Rana’s Fawad team was working, hopefully in the next edition, the situation would change. He said credit must be given to the LQ team for introducing such an elaborate programme of selecting the boys from far flung areas of the country.

    Rana Fawad said luckily he had the best team of workers and they were doing their job diligently to overcome the grim situation faced by LQ in PSL.


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