Shakib handed two-year ban by ICC

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    Dec 21, 2016
    The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned Bangladesh captain Shakibal Hasan from all forms of cricket for two years, with one year of that suspended, after he accepted three charges of breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code.

    The charges against Shakib are as follows:

    Article 2.4.4 – Failure to disclose to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) full details of any approaches or invitations he received to engage in Corrupt Conduct - in relation to the Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe Tri-Series in January 2018 and / or the 2018 IPL.

    Article 2.4.4 – Failure to disclose to the ACU full details of any approaches or invitations he received to engage in Corrupt Conduct - in relation to a second approach in respect of the Tri-Series in January 2018.

    Article 2.4.4 – Failure to disclose to the ACU full details of any approaches or invitations he received to engage in Corrupt Conduct - in relation to an IPL 2018 match between Sunrisers Hyderabad v Kings XI Punjab on April 26, 2018.

    Shakib accepted the charges against him and agreed the sanction with the ICC in lieu of an Anti-Corruption Tribunal hearing.

    “I am obviously extremely sad to have been banned from the game I love, but I completely accept my sanction for not reporting the approaches,” said Shakib. “The ICC ACU is reliant on players to play a central part in the fight against corruption and I didn’t do my duty in this instance.”

    “Like the majority of players and fans around the world, I want cricket to be a corruption free sport and I am looking forward to working with the ICC ACU team to support their education programme and ensure young players don’t make the same mistake I did,” he added.

    The all-rounder will be allowed to resume international cricket on October 29, 2020, provided he meet the conditions in the suspended part of his sanction.

    Earlier, Bangladesh cricket authorities, on Saturday, claimed that they would take legal action against star Shakib for allegedly breaching his contract to sign a sponsorship deal with a top mobile phone operator.

    Shakib, on Tuesday, inked the agreement with former national team sponsor Grameenphone for an undisclosed sum at a time when he was also leading a players´ strike for better pay and benefits.

    Shakib led the players' strike on Monday which followed increasing criticism from players that the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) was not sharing its wealth.

    The players called off the strike late on Wednesday and started training on Friday for next month's India tour after the BCB accepted most of their demands.
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    Dec 21, 2016
    'Inside info' reveals how Shakib was approached by bookie Deepak Agarwal

    Details of Bangladesh superstar Shakib Al Hasan's two-year ban from all of cricket on Tuesday have been exposed through a string of WhatsApp messages exchanged between him and an individual named Deepak Agarwal who approached and pestered the cricketer for "inside information".

    Shakib, one of the most celebrated cricketers from Bangladesh, is known for his level-headed approach towards the game. He had previously reported corrupt approaches to ICC in 2008 but failed to do so this time and accepted the charges laid by ICC’s anti-corruption unit, landing him the sanction.

    ICC said that Shakib was interviewed twice by the ACU in Bangladesh on January 23 and August 27 this year, when he was specifically asked about an individual "known to the ACU and suspected of involvement in corruption in cricket" named Deepak Agarwal.

    Shakib, during the interviews, had admitted to be contacted by Deepak Agarwal as well as his failure to report the advances.

    According to the detailed ICC verdict on the matter, the Bangladeshi cricketer confirmed that his telephone number was provided to Agarwal by another person whom he knew, adding that the contact was made for the first time in mid-November 2017 when Shakib was playing in the Bangladesh Premier League.

    In January 2018, when Shakib was playing a tri-series for Bangladesh, he received first dubious text from Agarwal. The message received to Shakib on January 19 read "do we work in this or I wait till the IPL".

    The ICC, in it detailed verdict, mentions that the word "work" in the message was a reference to Shakib providing "inside information" to Agarwal. Shakib chose not to report about this contact at the time.

    Shakib was again contacted by Agarwal during the tri-series to seek information from him. The message sent to Shakib on January 23 reads, "bro anything in this series?"

    The Bangladeshi cricketer confirmed to the ICC that the message was a request to him from Agarwal to provide inside information in relation to the series.

    The Bangladeshi cricketer was once again contacted by the same individual during the Indian Premier League's season last year. On April 26, 2018, Shakib received a Whatsapp message from Agarwal asking if a particular player was going to be playing the match on that day.

    Agarwal also asked Shakib about his dollar account details and also talked about bitcoins. During one of the conversation, Shakib had told Agarwal that he would like to meet him first.

    According to the ICC’s detailed verdict, the conversation on April 26 2018 included a number of deleted messages.

    "Shakib confirmed that these deleted messages contained requests from Mr Agarwal for inside information," it says.

    Shakib further said that he did not accept or act upon any of the approaches he received from Agarwal and did not provide him with any of the information requested, nor did he accept or receive any money or other reward from him.

    However, he did not, at any time report any of the approaches to the ACU or any other relevant authority, thus violating the ICC code. Subsequently, Shakib admitted to the charges and agreed to the ICC sentence.

    Shakib said he had concerns regarding Agarwal, adding that he was a bit "dodgy" and that following their conversations he had the feeling that Agarwal was a bookie.
  3. Patriot

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    Oct 8, 2014
    this is bullocks and very very harsh punishment.

    RIP his career, he's probably retiring
  4. ShokoTolo_LoloMoto

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    Apr 16, 2010
    This is absolutely utter stupidity by ICC.
    We all know that Shakib won't sell his country.

    But here is the point, what would ICC have done against bookie IF Shakib reported an approach?


    They don't have the teeth, any power and any will to do ANYTHING against bookies because betting is what makes cricket more interesting and increases in viewership. IMO, ICC loves illegal betting since it promotes the game.

    Poor Shakib has been made a scapegoat for ICC to thump it's chest that they have done a whole lot against corruption in cricket, my ass!

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