Shoaib Malik vs India

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Bruce Wayne, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne Smooth Operator

    May 22, 2012
    Undoubtly his favourite opposition. I mentioned it 3 or 4 times in different threads that if Pakistan win the warm up match vs India it'll be curtsy of Malik. Let's have a look at his batting record against the top 6 test playing nations across the limited over forms of the game.

    ODI's vs Australia: 20 matches, 429 runs at an average of 22.57 at a S/R of 55.3
    T20's vs Australia: 8 matches, 97 runs at an average of 24.25 and S/R of 96.3

    ODI's vs South Africa: 19 matches, 552 runs at an average of 39.52 at a S/R of 75.92
    T20's vs South Africa: 2 matches, 49 runs at an average of 24.50 and S/R of 87.50

    ODI's vs England: 15 matches, 186 runs at an average of 14.30 and S/R of 63.91
    T20's vs England: 7 matches, 133 runs at an average of 22.86 at a S/R of 108.83

    ODI's vs Sri Lanka: 35 matches, 727 runs at an average of 29.48 and S/R of 75.12
    T20's vs Sri Lanka: 9 matches, 222 runs at an average of 37 at a S/R of 124.71

    ODI's vs West Indies: 20 matches, 539 runs at 41.46 and S/R of 74.34
    T20's vs West Indies: Never played against them. As a matter of fact Pakistan have only played 1 T20 vs them.

    Now drum rolls please.

    ODI's vs India: 33 matches 1554 runs at an average of 51.80 and S/R of 89.77
    T20's vs India: 2 matches 28 runs at an average of 14 at a S/R of 80

    It's also worth mentioning that from the list of available players within the country, Malik has the most centuries in ODI's (7) and 4 of those hundreds have come against India. He has the most after Mohammad Yousuf who has 13 but Yousuf isn't favored amongst selection.
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  2. Shahzad.Firdous

    Shahzad.Firdous Cornered Tiger

    May 29, 2010
    Agree with u Malik loves playing against india he was the main reason we won the match yesterday he bullied indians intimidated them
  3. 1137moiz

    1137moiz Tracer Bullet

    Jun 30, 2011
    Malik is a murderer against India in LOs and Sri Lanka in Tests. I disagree actually withg the notion that he's not a Test player--he's not a particularly good Test player yes, but he has scored some important runs at some important times. Better record than Azhar Mahmood, Abdul Razzaq with the blade though his off-spin leaves much to be desired. In fact before his last season (2009/10 where he barely scrapped a run in Tests) Malik had a very respectable 38 runs per innnings and easily justified his spot simply as a Test batsman

    Anyway that's beside the point, nice innings and show why a confident Malik is an asset
  4. 1137moiz

    1137moiz Tracer Bullet

    Jun 30, 2011
    It's mainly that record v England that has conned people into thinking Malik's a parchi (though his performances over the last year or so have been dreadful). Record v Australia isn't too bad considering he primarily batted in the lower order against them, record against WI and SA is excellent, and of course India. People forget Malik scored big centuries when promoted to the top order in 2002 and then in 2004, he has a very solid temperament and on song is a valuable batsman. Another reason why I think we'll be seeing him (as well as Afridi and maybe Hafeez) in the 2015 WC InshaAllah as long as they perform. Only trouble with Malik is a weakness against seam--poor record in NZ & England--and his horrible form over the past year. Not to mention a few posters like that Anwaar chap making out like he's Imran Khan.

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