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    What I Saw in Pakistan's Cricket !!!
    (Rashid's Strange Experience with the Team)

    I was selected in a Pakistani team for the tour of England in 1992 which was he first visit of team after winning the 1992 World Cup. This was a successful tour for the team as well as for me. I succeeded in playing the last Test and a one-day match in which my performance was quite satisfactory. Javed Miandad was the permanent captain of the team, Intikhab Alam was the coach and Khalid Mahmood was the manager. After that we went to Australia and New Zealand for a triangular series in Australia in which West Indian team was also participating. There were also a Test match and 3 one-days in New Zealand. On this tour Javed Miandad chose Naushad Ali as the manager of the team. On this tour I felt that some senior players were against Javed Miandad. At that time Naseem Hasan Shah, Shahid Rafi and Arif Ali Abbasi were running the board.

    When we returned from the tour, some senior players went to Shahid Rafi and informed him of engineered allegations against Javed Miandad and bribed Naushad Ali that he would be permanent manager, if he makes a fake report against Javed Miandad. Colonel Naushad did the same and Javed Miandad was removed from the captaincy. Wasim Akram took his place as Captain. Under Wasim Akram's captaincy, Pakistan team first visited South Africa. Mudassar Nazar and Khalid Mahmood were appointed coach and manager respectively for that tour. During the short duration of only a year, I realized that the high-ups of the board are selfish who change themselves as soon as the government changes. Most of them are bureaucrats who think that only they are patriotic Pakistanis. This is absolutely absurd.

    After this tour, an incident happened which is the worst incident in the cricket history, and how did high ups saved players from "Marijuana scandal" and spoiled the prestige of Pakistan. Had the case been solved earlier and had stringent action been taken against the players involved than nothing would have happened against Pakistan's prestige. I would like to explain that how did Khalid Mahmood played his part in that incident in the West Indies. When we were playing a side match in Grenada, a night before four of our players Wasin Akram, Waqar Younis, Mushtaq Ahmed and Aaquib Javed were caught red handed while taking drugs (Marijuana). A week before this incident, the Prime Minister of Grenada announced that the country should be cleared from drugs. At that time, these players were caught and were taken to jail. Khalid Mahmood very wrongly said there that our players are innocent and that they have been caught in a fake case. I am the eyewitness of this incident. After some efforts these players were released. When we met the captain, he said that we couldn't continue this tour because of these fake allegations. A meeting was called, also attended by Khalid Mahmood and Mudassar Nazar. A decision was taken that Pakistani team can't continue this tour. But after that meeting Wasim Akram, Khalid mahmood and Mudassar Nazar met separately and decided to continue this tour. Wasim told me that if we return than Kalia (Miandad) will be the captain again and this is our (Khalid, Wasim and Mudassar) unanimous decision that Miandad should not be the captain again and continue this tour.

    After this tour we returned to Pakistan but the players who were involved in this case, so disgustingly, sold the story to a newspaper in UK for 15,000 pounds each in which they accepted that they were really caught red handed. Interesting thing is that our cricket board didn't take any action against these players and imposed a fine of only 15,000 rupees each. At that time Shahid Rafi and Naseen Hasan Shah were running the cricket board. One important thing is that the people who pointed out that our players used drugs are sentenced to seven-year ban from cricket and those who accepted that they used drugs were let off for a paltry fine of 15,000 rupees only. Yes, I am talking of Qasim Umer, who alleged that players used drugs after the tour of Australia in 1986. As a result he was banned for seven years and also terminated from MCB. Exactly after seven years in 1993, these four players proved Qasim Umer's allegations were true, but the ban imposed on him was not removed and these players were left scot-free to spoil Pakistan's name and cricket. This is the major set back of this country.

    In 1994, most of the players were fed up from Wasim Akram's autocratic behaviour as he was in the habit of cursing senior players. Tension prevailed among team members because Javed Miandad was also trying to restore his captaincy. At that time the chief selector was Mr. Haseeb Ehsan.

    The next tour was of New Zealand in which there were only 5 one days and three Test matches. When the team was announced the selectors
    and captain forgot to include Javed Miandad and Aaquib Javed. As a result of that decision other members of the team revolted which shattered the management, resulting in the disbandment of the cricket board and Naseem Hasam Shah and Shahid Rafi were removed from their posts. A Ad-hoc committee was formed with Javed Burki, as chairman and Dr Zafar Altaf and Arif Abbasi as members. The Ad-hoc committee then took the revolt case. Number of meetings were held between players and Ad-hoc committee as they tried to solve the problem but to no avail.

    After that Salim Malik and Asif Mujtaba were declared Captain and Vice Captain respectively. Majid Khan became the manager and Intikhab Alam coach of the team. This tour was the most successful tour for Pakistan as well as for Salim Malik, but has some bitter experiences. A day before the last one day international in Christchurch, Salim Malik called me in his room, where four other players were already there. Salim Malik offered me Rupees One million in front of them and told me that we are to lose tomorrow's match. This was also the match in which Wasim Akram gave money to Ataur Rehman to bowl poorly so that Pakistan lose the match. Ata told me about it and the conversation is saved in an audio cassette. We lost that match. The match was 110% fixed. I m not going into the details of this match because newspapers were filled with the news about the match. But the board members always swept the matter under the carpet, clouded the facts of this illegal practice. Khalid Mahmood favoured these players and said that the case is in court that's why he can't do anything against them. The interesting thing is that the players who were involved remain in team and the players who pointed out this fact are outside the team. The government officials and bureaucrats always took the side of these players and protected them. In the light of these facts we can also say that these people may also be involved with these players in this malpractice.

    After this tour we went to Sri Lanka where we played test matches and after that Singer Trophy started in which Sri Lanka, Australia and India were participating. Before Singer Cup, in a one day match Saeed Anwar told me that Salim Malik told him that we have to lose one-day match against Sri Lanka and he will get handsome amount. He forbade Saeed not to tell this to me. Intikhab Alam was the coach of the team and we informed him about that but he didn't do anything. After that, Singer Trophy started and we played our first match against Australia. The hotel in which our team stayed, some bookies from Lahore were also staying there and they freely visited the rooms of some players of our team. In this match Australia played first and scored 162 runs, which was a very easy target for us. We were 80 for 1 but suddenly our wickets started to fall and we lost this match very suspiciously. During this match a message was sent to Saeed Anwar through Zahid Fazal, and after that Saeed Anwar returned to pavilion due to some fitness problem. Nobody explained what had happened and why Saeed returned to pavilion. People didn't know about the match fixing because Cricket Board always hid these facts. The Ad-hoc committee also ran the cricket board with Javed Burki, Arif Abbasi and Zafar Altaf. Our press knew facts about match fixing.

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    Must be one hell of a dressing room. World beaters who hated each other but still smoked marijuana together.

    Source looks dodgy though.
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    If it is dodgy than they will face charges. But I think it sounds true. I am not sure so rather not comment anymore. But if they are involved than I would like them to be punished so the next player think thousand time before doing it. I am thinking why not sell Pakistan, which in my opinion is already aold to America and make another country and start fresh with law justice and honesty.
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    Dec 17, 2009
    ^i meant the link looked dodgy, most of the charges (match fixing and marijuana scandal) are well documented. Some of them players were banned and some of them were fined.

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