Two channels of selection in Pak cricket.

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    Apr 16, 2010
    So, like most boards, we have a system in place (that is horribly broken) through which our players reach the national team.

    This system is;
    Selectors jump into the domestic scorebooks and pick top performers.

    Through this horribly broken route, we have produced some good players. These include Younis Khan, Muhammad Yousuf, Babar Azam, Saeed Anwar, Majid Khan, and Miandad himself (who was originally selected as a leg spin bowler but later transformed into a specialist batsman).

    This process has also another sub-channel - and that is: a-holes manage to get into the team by nepotism. These include Imran Farhat, Faisal Iqbal, Shoaib Muhammad etc.

    This is a sad state of affairs but then we have another channel through which players reach the national team - and that is also sort of nepotism but in good way.

    This is where, the current or influential cricketers personally identify the diamond in the dust and bring the player into the team, outside of the regular system.

    And surprisingly enough - we have produced legendary players through this selection channel.

    Examples are

    Wasim Akram: Identified and brought into the team by Javed Miandad.
    Inzimam and Waqar Younis were identified by Imran Khan.
    Saeed Ajmal was brought into the team by Misbah.

    The problem we have now is that this particular channel has been shut.
    Wasim, Waqar, Inzi, Younis, Yousuf etc stopped this tradition, and they failed to find their replacement, outside the regular process.
    Perhaps they never had those eyes to identify that diamond in the dust, or perhaps they didn’t have any interest to go beyond their job as written in the central contract? Whatever the case may be, we don’t have that tradition anymore.

    So now we are left at the mercy of official selection committee.
    And after Inzi’s exit, who do we have now, Salim Jaffer and Wijahatullah Wasti.
    Seriously, what do we expect from these two losers?
    Some other name will be placed on top of them and they will report to him with their recommendations.
    And what would they do? Pick players from the domestic scorebooks before they reach the limits of their intelligence.

    The question is, who should be a shrewd and sharp enough selection Committee head who can identify the diamonds in this huge mountain of dust?
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    Dec 29, 2016
    Thats hard to find since most of them lobby for tried and tested failures. Which is weird since these dudes should know cricket more than a regular fan.

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