Was the Australia-Pakistan match yesterday one of the all-time great world cup matches?

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Was the Australia-Pakistan match yesterday one of the all-time great world cup matches?

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  1. Harsh Thakor

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    May 5, 2011
    In the end Pakistan were defeated by a convincing margin of 44 runs by Australia but the scores did not reflect the true intensity of the tussle which resembled a hard fought boxing match with fortunes continually twisting.

    Pakistan seemed coarse when Babar Azam,Inam Ul Haq and Mohammad Hafeez were batting .They counter -attacked the Aussie attack with a most organized and clinical display of batting and looked as though looked like taking Pakistan home like a Ship in the Ocean moving in complete harmony.Sadly due to mistiuming of shors both Inam and Hafeez perished a major dent was made in the Pakistan battingand the game had a 180 degrees twist with a precipitated middle order collapse.At six down it literally looked game,set and match for Australia before 2 spectacular resurgency by Pakistan launched by first Hasan Ali and then Wahab Riaz .In partnership with Sarfraz Ahmed they resurrected Pakistan from the grave with a bout of spectacular hitting.Although Hassan Ali's tenure was much shorter his blitzkrieg of 32 of a mere 14 balls re-lit the spark in the batting which Wahab Riaz turned into a prairie fire.From the depths of despair Pakistan came withing touching distance of famous win before Wahab's dismissal when Pakistan were a mere 48 runs adrift.Unlike Hasan Wahab too time to launch his counterattack.Wahab Riaz's innings may rank amongst the best ever in a world cup or O.D.I. at no 9 position.

    This game had 4 features.The 1st was the collapse of Australia to 308 when they seemed destined to reach a total of around 340-350.The 2nd was the most clinical approach by the Pakistan top order in the 1st half of the chase.The 3rd was the sensational middle order collapse after 25 overs.The fourth was the spectacular resurgence of Pakistan from the depths of despair to come so close.

    The standard of cricket was not at its best but few matches have ever had so many twist and turns.The Pakistan chase reminded you of a spark being lit at every point when afire was on the brink of being extinguished.Maybe not one of Pakistan's most gallant defeats or Australia's best wins but the ebb and flow possibly makes it an all-time great world cup or O.D.I.game.Pakistan were defeated honourably and to me lack of temperament was the deciding factor. As a cricket fan I rooted for Pakistan who proved that they had more than the talent required to overcome Australia.It reminded me of the Pakistan teams of 1975 and 79 that came so close to beating strong teams but lost out because of approach.

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