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Wasim Akram calls Virat Kohli a "modern-day great"

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by chandtara, Nov 13, 2017.

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  1. chandtara

    chandtara Mr Cricistan

    Jun 18, 2011
    Wasim Akram is all praise for Virat Kohli’s performance in the international circuit and called him a modern-day great cricketer. The Pakistani legend has also named Sunil Gavaskar as the most-difficult batsman he has bowled to in his cricket career and called his scalp as the most prized wicket.

    While Virat Kohli has often dismissed his comparisons to his idol Sachin Tendulkar as ‘embarrassing’, a nation like India that has a criminal indifference to statistics when it comes to cricket stood up and took notice of the little road remaining before the young skipper becomes a legend. Though there is still some way to go before that happens, one cannot overlook the phenomenal pace with which the Delhi boy has risen to prominence. Akram reaffirmed this by calling Kohli a "modern-day great".

    “Kohli is the modern great. Thirty-two one-day hundreds and that too most of his hundreds in the second innings for a winning cause and that shows the greatness of this player,” Akram told Gulf News.

    In his time, Akram was considered one of the dangerous bowlers and nightmares for the batsmen, but now, the 51-year-old admitted that Gavaskar was the most difficult player to bowl.

    “I have bowled at many great batsmen but my prize wicket will remain as that of Sunil Gavaskar, one of the greatest openers. If anyone is keen to learn proper batting technique, then one should watch Gavaskar who batted without a helmet and was always right on top,” he stated.

    Tendulkar’s contribution is one of the key reasons which helped change the face of Indian cricket forever and during his long career, he didn’t involve in any controversy and Akram showered his praise on the Indian legend.

    “A great guy, a true master of the game. No controversy despite a long career. It has only been cricket for him on and off the field. The best cricketer the world has seen,” Akram said.

    Pakistan scripted a fairytale comeback defeating the best in the World before winning their maiden Champions Trophy by overcoming India in the finals which was a symbolic step towards the revival of cricket in their nation. Akram seemed happy with the progress of the team.

    “Pakistan is in the right direction. We have a good young leader in Sarfraz Ahmad. Some say Sarfraz shows his emotions, but remember, he is young and he is learning. It is difficult to hide your emotions when things are not going well. You learn to hide it with experience. With time he will become an ideal captain. He is very involved and leads from the front and that is why he is doing so well as a leader,” he opined.

    “Pakistan is today the champion of the champions and No. 1 in the T20 format so why should I be the coach? I am willing to help anyone. I have given tips to India’s Irfan Pathan, Zaheer Khan and as a sportsman, I will help anyone whoever comes to me asking for tips. I don’t care whether he is from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh,” Akram replied when asked why isn’t he coaching the Pakistan team.

  2. Karachi-King

    Karachi-King Talented

    Jun 4, 2011
    he most certainly is. people only have debates over his positioning as an ATG

    why is this a headline

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