Where did Abdul Qadir rank amongst great Pakistani cricketers and spinners overall?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Harsh Thakor, Sep 9, 2019.

Where did Abdul Qadir rank amongst the great Pakistani cricketers of all time?

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  1. Harsh Thakor

    Harsh Thakor Youngsta Beauty

    May 5, 2011
    Abdul Qadir was a genius who in terms of artistry and natural ability even surpassed Shane Warne.It was harder for Viv Richards or his equals to negotiate or read Qadir than even Warne or Murlitharan.His googly was the equivalent of what Wasim Akram's reverse swing was .mesmerizing the best of batsmen.Former Englsih umpire chose Qadir over even Shane Warne in his all-time xi.Christopher Martin Jenkins ranked Qadir in 88th place in his 100 greatest cricketers of all time.In terms of raw ability I only rate the Indian leg-spinner Subash Gupte ahead.

    Qadir was one of the architects of Pakistan emerging as the joint unofficial world champions in West Indies.Wrong umpiring decisions denying Qadir crucial wickets robbed Pakistan of the unofficial world title in 1988.He also was the main architect in Pakistan winning its 1st test at Lords,winning their 1st series in England and sharing a rubber for the 1st time against the mighty West Indies.Arguably in certain condition she was even more lethal than the great Imran Khan like in the 19876 series v West Indies or at Lords in 1982 and at the Oval in 1987.With Wasim and Imran he comprised arguably the best bowling attack of all time giving it the perfect blend or variation.It is difficult to find adjectives to describe Qadir' s impact out their in the middle,which was similar to a magician performing tricks .Qadir defined the role of the leg-spinner or the art of leg-spin bowling as few ever did in the history of the game taking it's artistry to region sof divinty.His 30 scalps in a single series versus England at home in 1987 are a record for a Pakistani bowler in a 3 test series.

    I place Abdul Qadir only behind Imran Khan ,Wasim Akram , Javed Miandad ,Younis Khan and Hanif Mohammad amongst Pakistani cricketers .Ofcourse very close with Mushtaq Muhammad ,Inzamam Ul Haq and and Zaheer Abbas.Qadir won more matches for Pakistan than Zaheer Abas or Mushtaq Muhammad and took Pakistan to the top spot in test rankings unlike Inzamam.

    Amongst great spinners I rank only Shane Warne ,Bil O'Reilly ,Murlitharan ,Subash Gupte and Jim Laker ahead and it is a very tight call between Bishen Bedi.True statistically he is greatly overshadowed but remember the field hardly gave Qadir the support the likes of Warne or Murli got.On home turf in Pakistan,he was arguably more unplayable than nay spinner ever.

    Sadly he never performed outstandingly in Australia,which is strange.
  2. Patriot

    Patriot Kaptaan

    Oct 8, 2014
    imo he revolutionized leg spin bowling in cricket.

    before him there weren't any that would trouble the batsmen.

    I think leg spinners were taken seriously after him.

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