Why do we hate the poor?

Discussion in 'The Pavilion' started by Wistful Reminisces, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Wistful Reminisces

    Wistful Reminisces Banned

    Sep 21, 2012
    I was seeing threads on another Pakistani website about how cricket is no longer an elite sport, as if it's a bad thing, and that poor people getting into cricket makes our team worse. There were also some other threads talking about how nepotism is a good thing, and how connections have been good for Pakistan.

    It struck me how much we Pakistanis hate the poor. People will post stats about philanthropy, but one of the biggest reasons for that it that there is zero state support for poor people, who are forced to beg. It's sad because Islam highlights Zakat as for the poor, and state has no real programs to help destitute people.

    Beggars are subject to all sorts of abuse. Someone posted a video of a security guard beating up a beggar for daring to beg from people in a car and people were happy about this. Leave aside the facts that security guards have zero rights to beat people up on roads outside shops (The only private property is the shop, not the road), why are we happy about this?

    There are so many conspiracy theories about beggars being part of gangs and being richer than us. Which is so ridiculous, because no one who has money is going to beg. Some are part of gangs, but those gangs earn more from thieving with the info beggars sell than from begging money.

    Then there was those stupid questions some journalists asked about how Imran Khan would assure that only poor people used his homeless shelters and that if he made them too nice, then rich people would stay there. Again, it was stupid because no rich person would live in a homeless shelter, and the only consequence of trying to make a shelter stop something that won't happen is to make it harder for poor people to get in, or for the shelter to be made terrible

    We also judge about how our maids have so and so good mobile when Android are barely 12k. We also see them as worse than us.

    I have a neighbour who adopted a girl. She's 30+ now and people don't marry her because "Khandan nhi pata". Her parents died in a car crash. People say it would be better if she'd been in Eidi and not been raised like she was because she'd have found a partner. This is such a disgusting mindset, I'm sure she's much happier living with money than living without.

    All this and us worshiping rich people is why Zardari/Nawaz have stayed in power so long. We love people with money. Imran fought against the status quo, but if Imran wasn't a rich and successful person, we would probably hate him too and act like he was just lazy.

  2. s_h_a_f

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    Dec 26, 2011
    @Savak can explain that thread

    But I don’t think he was hating on the poor.
  3. Mohammed Bilal

    Mohammed Bilal Tracer Bullet

    Jul 17, 2017
    Yes hating on poor is bad, instead of hating them you should help them.
  4. Fireworks11

    Fireworks11 Kaptaan

    Sep 22, 2012
    Poor people shouldn’t be looked at any differently but unfortunately that rarely happens in this current society.
  5. Mohammed Bilal

    Mohammed Bilal Tracer Bullet

    Jul 17, 2017
    Of course I don’t hate the poor, of course I am also not rich however whenever there is poor person that is needy defo I donate food, gloves, hats etc.

    Once when I went Pakistan this person I know opened the window swore at begger and then slapped him. Don’t give money but atleast don’t do this, they are also human and imo you should never hurt someone’s feelings especially person who has already been through so much hardship. The guy pretended nothing had happened so when I asked him said guy is rich person but just begs, bs.

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