Why Is A Good Sports Team Captain Important?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mamoo, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Mamoo

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    Mar 1, 2010
    A Team Captain

    Perhaps nowhere is the importance of good leadership as apparent as in a sports team. A good sports team captain can lead his team to success and recognition; and can help a moderate team play better; whereas, a weak captain with poor leadership skills can hinder a team’s chances of competing and bonding successfully.

    Why Is A Good Sports Team Captain Important?

    An analysis done by various coaches showed that although there are a variety of reasons why teams do not achieve their potential and ended their seasons early – such as injuries, conditioning, poor officiating and eligibility – there is main reason is lack of good leadership. And while leadership does come from coaches, the real leaders come from within the team itself so selecting a good team captain is vitally important.

    If you want to be a captain.

    Being a sports team captain isn’t just about wearing the cap or being the boss or even just cheering your friends on. It requires a number of things including:

    • the desire to lead by example
    • a passionate belief in team spirit
    • the ability to handle the conflicts that invariably arise when a team is under pressure
    • the desire to put more input in planning the team’s strategies
    • the ability to handle problems which may arise in a fair and expedient manner (eg. disqualifications)
    • the ability to behave professionally and responsibility despite personal feelings of frustration and anger
    • a thorough knowledge of the rules of the game
    • a desire to build relationships with other members of the team, in good times and bad
    • the ability to handle the burden of being captain while still playing in the team
    • the ability to inspire and motivate and raise team morale

    Who is A Good Sports Team Captain?

    Take charge – don’t just rely on the coaches. For example, start the practice on time, even if the coaches are still getting ready or temporarily occupied elsewhere.

    • Always do more than is expected – stay longer, run farther, play harder.
    • Always take responsibility for your actions – don’t play the blame game. If you make a mistake or cause your team to lose out in some way, own up, face the consequences and move forward – you will be respected more than if you try to wriggle your way out with excuses.
    • Lead your team by actions, not words. Anybody can talk – it is what they do that counts.
    • Don’t put yourself above the rest of the team – just because you have the captain title does not mean that you should have any preferential treatment. A sports team captain is subject to the same rules and consequences as the rest of the team. See yourself as one of the team, otherwise there will be a division between yourself and your team mates.

    In addition, continually try to be self-aware and improve your leadership skills. For example, think about the captains of various sports teams in the international arena and consider why they were chosen – was it because they are popular? The best player? Responsible? Honest? Dependable? A good listener? Motivating and inspiring? Remain calm and positive under pressure?

    See how they lead by example and follow in their footsteps to become a great sports team captain yourself.

    What I say get a new captain and stick with him.

    After reading above, now I would like to ask everyone who do you think can be a captain. Leave you passion aside, and your answer will be none. I am sure more than half of the team won't be able to read above. My point is. we need a leader who is educated and able to do all above. We all know it is not possible and that is why we have natural talent not leader in Pakistan. Because they never go to school and all they do is play cricket for the rest of their lives. If you want to have good leaders like Imran Khan than education is imperative.

    So now if you have digest all of the above, and we know that we don't have anyone of this calibre. Among the senior player we have what choice do we have? And I don’t mean Younis or Afridi. Sure, Mohammad Yousuf has shown us all that he’s a lousy captain, and his batting has also taken a dive. But Younis Khan clearly doesn’t have the full respect of his team and re-appointing him will just lead to a repeat of what happened before. And if you seriously think of Afridi as a Test player, let alone captain...drop the crack pipe now and slap yourself upside your head. His recent ball-tampering incident shows that he clearly doesn’t have the smarts you need as a captain of any format, let alone a five day grind.

    Now we are left with Razzaq. And if Razzaq is announced and he is given the responsibility to lead the team, than let stand by him and support him, Let give him a chance before jumping on conclusions as we always do. Lets see what he bring to the team, Maybe he is a good captain and maybe he can lead our team better than anyone else or maybe he surprise us and prove us wrong. I know we had lots of disappoints with our team which lead us fans to be pessimistic, but whatever the case lets wait and see what future bring to us before throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at him.

    If Razzaq is incompetent, than Pakistan need to have the balls to appoint a young captain who will be in the side for a long time, and more importantly need to stand by him even if he fails.

    New Zealand took a similar approach with Stephen Fleming. South Africa also did with Graeme Smith. I would argue that along with Steve Waugh, they are the leading captains of the past 15 years. Pakistan are at a point now where they would have to do the same.
  2. Captain

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    Feb 26, 2010
    yaar unfortunately our team is full of toddlerrs playing in the sand box, and as one leaves another one takes the place, and as the sand box rule goes, they all want to be in control regardless to how creative/productive they are, they will fight each other over sand (when there is more than enough for everyone). Similar is the story of our toddlers, however, sadly our toddlers could have improved but look at the babysitter they got!!!

    just look at the pic below, PCB on the LEFT, and Players on the Right...


    an ideal captain should be strong minded, daring, fearless, motivated, people friendly, skilled, and most of all a strategist, all our players you can see that they will start shedding tears at will, so from the current crop none look formidable enough to be captain material. However, all the new talent they look very promising, aamer/ghuman (true captain material)/shehreyar ghani these are the guys that we can look forward to and hope stay out of the stupidity of PCB that dawns upon its players.
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    Jan 20, 2010
    Impressive article there Mamoo!
  4. Mercenary

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Afridi should read this, especially the bit about working harder and trying more than the players you're captaining. Imran Khan won the players respect with the same ethos
  5. iho

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    Aug 7, 2010
    Ricky Ponting is a good example of a great captain leading an average team to glories. Except Clarke, Hussey and Katich his remaining team is very young.

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